project runway 8 tim gunn heidi klum 320 'Project Runway' recap: To Not Feel Like A Complete Doo Doo HeadAt the top of “Project Runway,” we get a solid six minutes or something of April’s momentous move into the apartment with Valerie, Ivy and Gretchen. Seriously, natural disasters have gotten less coverage than this move down the hall.

Next, the designers meet Michael Kors at a dock and he tells them that they’ll be designing resort wear for this challenge. Oh, fun. After they go to Mood and are back in the workroom, Tim drops the bomb that the designers will be working in teams of two and executing their teammates’ designs. Mondo is stuck with Other Michael and is furious and kind of rude about it but ultimately apologizes for his behavior. Ivy and Cute Michael are together, and she’s a total pill to him because he’s not the master sewer that she is. That said, Cutie is completely expressive and makes us love him more than we knew we could. Casanova and Gretchen have some communication difficulties. Valerie and Andy work together, and Valerie has a crisis of confidence. April and Christopher seem to have a pretty successful partnership.

Kristen Bell is the guest judge. Makes no sense. A lot of the designs are really pretty special. Mondo, Casanova and Ivy are in the bottom. April, Andy and Cute Michael are in the top! Ivy slags on Cute Michael when they are on the runway, and he is super-gracious about it. Seriously, she’s such a bitch. April wins the challenge! Casanova and Ivy are the bottom two. Ivy is… in! Casanova goes home. We’re going to miss him.

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