project runway lord and taylor 'Project Runway' Season 10 has its most tearful episode yetWith two designers walking off of “Project Runway” in one 24-hour period, it’s not surprising that the judges would pull at least one “we love everyone!” card and send no one home. And to their credit, although the designers had a heck of a time putting together dresses to sell at Lord & Taylor as part of the “Project Runway” collection, each of them did a great job and it makes sense that they all made it to the next challenge.

If someone did have to go, though, don’t you think it would’ve been Alicia, not Gunnar? They were the final two standing, but Alicia was dismissed first despite construction issues and despite the fact that the judges actually liked Gunnar’s dress, they just thought the design was nothing new.

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As always, Ven and Dmitry made some reliably beautiful dresses. Ven is off my good list thanks to his awful comments about his client last week, so I can’t root for him. But Dmitry was right — his was one of the best dresses and it’s surprising he landed in the middle.

Interestingly, though Sonjia (and all the women, actually) struggled with her design, even breaking into tears before it hit the runway, she landed safely in the middle. And Elena and Melissa, who had major troubles designing and constructing their dresses, were at the top. When Elena found out what place she came in, she sobbed on the runway.

In the end, Christopher’s gamble to design a gown rather than a cocktail dress like his competitors paid off. He definitely won the biggest prize so far — his dress will be manufactured by Lord & Taylor as part of a “Project Runway” collection and be displayed in the window of the chain’s flagship store. He’s used his little ripping technique for the last time, though, because

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