tim gunn project runwa 2 325 'Project Runway' Week 5 live blog: Small teams, big dramaIt’s week five on “Project Runway,” and there doesn’t seem to be any end to the drama (even without Sandro now. He’s definitely not returning.) If the previews can be believed, Tim Gunn is the one who loses it this week. So, coming off the emotional high of Bradon’s proposal, let’s just jump into this week’s episode with a live blog, shall we? 

We have a mom/daughter blog team tonight – my 12-year-old daughter Fiona, who graduated to watching “Project Runway” immediately after “Sesame Street” and can spot a good accessory a mile away, will be commenting as well.

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9:07: The ghost of Sandro is still haunting the designers. No one is upset he’s gone, but they’re a bit shaken up about it all. Fiona isn’t fond of Heidi’s jacket. The designers meet Brian Bolain, the marketing manager for Lexus. He and Tim announce the teams for the challenge. First team, Ken, Alexandria, and Sue. Second team, Kate, Jeremy, and Karen. Third, Justin, Dom, and Helen, and fourth, Alexander, Miranda, and Bradon.  They have to create a collection of three looks.  High end.  Lexus-y.
9:11: The teams have to use the “unconventional” materials, and they have to shop at the locations their fancy Lexus GPS units take them to. They also have to figure out the budget for the three looks between them. One team is dealing with wallpaper, while another (Ken, Alexandria, and Sue) are finding shower curtains. Ken is already upset. This isn’t going to end well.
9:12: Everyone wag your finger now. Ken does NOT want to use wallpaper. 
Fiona: “I love how they hold up the products. Good placement.”
9:15: The teams return to the workroom, and Tim informs them that they have until midnight to get their designs and patterns together. Ken continues to rail against his teammates, complaining that Sue is just there for “decoration” and that the both of them won’t listen to “his a**.”
And at the commercial break, we get a tease that maybe Sandro isn’t gone gone, as in gone for good. Hoo boy.
9:23: Fiona: “I do not like Kate’s necklace. Usually I like her clothes, but that necklace doesn’t work.”
Ken doesn’t do designs for 40-year-old women, and Sue is all about the draping. Jeremy is using placemats. There are peppers attached to dresses. And then Tim comes back into the room with Sandro, just to say goodbye, and bring some “closure” to the situation. Sandro apologizes to the group, as the “emotional, crazy Russian.” Kudos to you, Sandro, but we bet you were escorted out by security. 
9:28: Tim comes back to critique. First up, Alexander, Bradon, and Miranda. He is “ecstatic” over their designs. Fiona and I agree that the costumey-dress is very tulip looking.
9:30: Kate, Jeremy and Karen have a crafty placemat thing going on, and Tim is pretty impressed. Kate’s dress has lovely cutouts, and Tim likes the neckline. He does, however, think they need to use their materials better.
Dom, Helen, and Justin are using wallpaper, and Tim isn’t pleased. He says it looks like craft paper.
And then Ken, Sue, and Alexandria… Ken is smirking, which Tim calls pensive. And then Tim realizes that their materials – curtains – are in no way “unconventional.” He says they are basically using fabric. Well, yes. They’re using fabric curtains. And Tim is mad. Fiona says “you don’t tick Tim Gunn off.”
9:35: Ah, yes, Tim has now noticed that Ken is smirking. Ken is trying hard to explain the situation, but he throws Sue under the bus by saying that the draped dress is as “good as Sue can do right now.” Tim tells the team that they need to “work it out.” Work it out, people!
Five hours left until midnight. 
Dom, Helen, and Justin start crumpling up the wallpaper, giving it some texture. Good idea. 
9:37: Justin takes a moment out to video chat with his family, which is sweet. 
Alexander, Bradon, and Miranda are working well, and Miranda says she’s going along with what they’re doing because she was on the bottom last time. Fiona: “Miranda’s green houndstooth thing was awful. It made me reconsider my houndstooth flats.”
Ken ends up throwing a hissy fit, as expected. His teammates can’t do much without him. Sue is not having a good time.
We’re halfway through the episode…
9:45: Ken is taking Kate’s advice, and putting on his “life jacket” first. He says he no longer cares about his team. He’s out to save himself.
Models arrive, and they have two hours to get themselves together before the runway show. Justin’s pants aren’t really working out right. Fiona: “If you’ve never done pants before, don’t make your first pair on “Project Runway.”
Ken is highly “p***** off” that Sue hasn’t started sewing, and while it works for her, or has so far, Ken isn’t happy. Ken himself ends up duct taping his garment on his model.
9:50: All of the teams are going very modern and dramatic with hair and makeup. Bradon, Alexander, and Miranda’s collection, by all accounts, is the strongest. No one likes Justin’s pants. Justin doesn’t even seem to like them.
Tim takes everyone down to the runway. Alexandria is trying to help Sue, but there’s no dress there. And it’s too late, and Tim is not happy. Fiona: “He’s like a teacher. To two-year-olds, telling them to take their hands off of it. And it’s because you can’t use a sewing machine, Sue. That’s just cray cray.”
Runway show coming up. Heidi, Zac Posen, June Ambrose, and (Fiona:) “NEEENA Garcia!” are judging, along with Tim as the watcher. Fiona: “Heidi’s dress is much better, but I don’t like the animal print.”
Alexander/Bradon/Miranda Team:  Alexander’s outfit is bold, and the silver accent is great. Miranda’s dress is “gorgeous” and the back and bottom are wonderful. Bradon’s wedding dress style dress has a great back. Fiona: “It looks like a wedding dress, but too wedding dressy poofy. Like a toilet paper trail.”
Justin/Dom/Helen Team:  Justin’s pants actually end up looking good. The top with the red drop to the back is great. Dom’s wallpaper dress with the structured shoulders is lovely. Helen’s dress’ detail has a great structure. Fiona likes Helen’s dress, and Justin’s outfit’s back.
Ken/Sue/Alexandria Team:  Sue’s dress isn’t good, and has a bad fishnet feel. The back is too short. Ken’s dress ends up looking too sloppy, and doesn’t fit to the model well. Alexandria’s dress makes noise. It. Makes. Noise. Fiona: “It’s POPPING. That’s funny. And the model is saying ‘OMG, the dress is popping.'”

Kate/Jeremy/Karen Team: Jeremy’s dress, with the glitter, is nice. Fiona: “I love glitter!” Karen’s dress has the most structural, modern feel out of all of them. Kate’s dress is strong, and the cutouts are gorgeous. And the three look good as a collection.
The winners are Kate, Karen, and Jeremy. The placemats worked for the modern theme of the collection. And the black “glitter” is actually poppy seeds. The designers talk about making sure they used the car theme as a cohesive element. They all love Jeremy’s white dress. Fiona: “I think Kate should win.”
Hello, Heidi’s boobs.
Then to the losers, Ken, Sue, and Alexandria. No surprise. Heidi is looking for the story behind the collection… and she realizes that there’s a problem here. Zac says material choice, sewing, and the taste, on all three is “bad.” Heidi says the dresses all look random. Nina thinks it all looks cheap, and calls out the duct tape. Heidi straight out asks Sue how she got onto the show without knowing how to sew. Well. Yes. Fiona: “Sue should go home.”
Nina says that while everyone is focusing on Sue, the other two dresses all look “bad, ugly, funky, bad.” Ken continues to stomp on Sue, trying to deflect. Sue states she prefers to hand sew her garments, but everyone agrees that the time restraints required for the competition just makes that an impossibility. Alexandria is slightly more diplomatic, saying that while Sue is a nice person, Ken is hard to deal with, and gets upset. Ken, when interrupted, snaps that he is “speaking.” He is an angry, angry man. And now Alexandria has made a new enemy in Ken.
Fiona: “Ken just said the same thing Sandro said before… ‘I need you to stop talking.’ Yeah, he’s sassy.”
10:24: Final decision: Jeremy’s white dress wins! Fiona: “I love his accent.” And Sue is out. Fiona: “Yes! Because you can’t SEW!”
Final Fiona observation: “I love Ken. Not his designs. But his sassiness. He was right about Sue.” Yes, like Tim Gunn said, it was Sue’s time to go. And in a nod to the sponsor, Fiona also does indeed want to meet the cow that made that yogurt. Marketing worked on the 12-year-old.
In the preview for next week, there’s some crying. Oh no. Not crying. Who knows what’s up with the crying?
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