nina garcia project runway 320 'Project Runway's' Nina Garcia judges without emotion, won't wear neonNina Garcia treats her “Project Runway” judging gig as seriously as her job as fashion director of Elle and Marie Claire magazines: She judges objectively on work, not the stories behind them.

This could explain why sometimes the judges’ decision on the show seems out of sync with the decision that the viewers at home or mentor Tim Gunn would have made.

“The situation is Tim gets a closer look at the everyday life of the designers and what happens in the studio and what happens with their personalities. We don’t,” she explains in a recent interview with the press. “We are just sitting there, watching the runway, and we have no idea the background: what happened, how much time they’ve spent on an outfit, how much they didn’t spend on an outfit … which I think gives for a more well-rounded and favor, more objective critic because it’s not emotional.

“It’s the same situation as if we were in a fashion show,” she continues. “On seeing the show, I don’t know if John Galliano had a nervous breakdown or didn’t. I have no clue  I’m just part of the audience. I’m there as an editor.”

nina garcia look book 325x4050 'Project Runway's' Nina Garcia judges without emotion, won't wear neonGarcia recently released her fourth book on fashion “Nina Garcia’s Look Book: What to Wear for Every Occasion,” which breaks down each and every little event or situation in our lives and gives advice on how to dress. The occasions range from work-related (job interview, asking for a raise, the dreaded office party) and dating (first date, after getting dumped) to holidays (single on Valentine’s Day, Turkey Day with the in-laws) and life events (jury duty, chaperoning a school dance).

Apparently, even working from home requires instruction on how to dress. And no, sweats are not recommended.

The mom, author and all around busy career gal doesn’t cite her books on “Project Runway,” but she does feel that the information she imparts is helpful in that context as well.

“A lot of the challenges that we have on the show kind of relate with everyday circumstances that I write about,” she observes. “My books are for the women out there that have to solve problems or have questions and that’s what I like to do. The show addresses those same kind of dilemmas.”

So is there something that she would never wear, no matter what the circumstances?

“Probably anything neon and very short,” she admits. “I don’t think I would go there. That time has gone. It’s past and gone.”

“Project Runway” airs on Thursdays on Lifetime. The latest episode challenges the designers to make their own textiles and may or may not be the big emotional episode that’s been teased all season.

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Posted by:Hanh Nguyen