psych 100th episode 100 clues group 'Psych' 100th episode: East Coast ending, plus Madeline Kahn dedication“Psych” offered up an absolutely wonderful homage to the movie “Clue” for its 100th episode, complete with a cornucopia of guest stars that star Tim Omundson says was certainly the greatest gathering of guest stars in one episode.

We can hardly choose our favorite “Clue” reference. The singing telegram girl was awesome, the “Clue”-themed “Psych” credits were great and Shawn running around like Wadsworth the butler was definitely amazing.

But really, the best had to be the Madeline Kahn shout-outs. Christopher Lloyd‘s character name was “Martin Kahn” and Lesley Ann Warren did the “flames … flames … on the side of my face” bit, plus the episode was dedicated to her memory. Kahn was tragically taken way too early, when she passed away in 1999 of ovarian cancer at the age of 57.

The “Back to the Future” reference was a lot of fun too (“Great Scott!”) and the collection of weapons was creative — the acetalyne torch, the lance, the saxophone, the paintball gun, the sword and the chain.

But it all came down to the ending. We were able to see the episode last week, but not any of the endings, so we’ve been eagerly waiting to find out which ending the East Coast viewers voted for. We were voting all day for the the author (Lloyd) to be the killer.

As it turns out, Clizsby the Butler did it. He was jealous of the band stealing his melodies, so he killed Melinda Lane and then Rip when Rip realized Clizsby killed Melinda.

Was that the ending you were voting for?

Thoughts & Tidbits

  • “It was like shooting pool with a rope.” — O.M.G.
  • The “secret chocolate room” dance was amazing, as is Gus’ apparent fear of toupees.
  • Shawn smacking Juliet’s rump was funny and adorable.
  • We were really holding out for a Tim Curry cameo, hoping he’d pop up in the final frames as Nigel St. Nigel (somehow). Bummer it did not happen.

What did you think of “Psych’s” 100th episode?

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