dule hill bruce campbell psych nightmare on state street 'Psych': Bruce Campbell and Dule Hill say 'Nightmare on State Street' has too many horror references to count“Psych’s” penultimate episode, “A Nightmare on State Street,” is in line with all of the USA comedy’s best scary episodes, like “Mr. Yin Presents” and “Tuesday the 17th.” In fact, it’s full of more horror movie homages and references than one can count.

One of the biggest homages is the casting of horror movie legend Bruce Campbell (“Evil Dead,” “Army of Darkness”) as Dr. Ashford Simpson — a “full-of-c*** dream therapist,” Campbell tells Zap2it — whom Campbell, as a “Burn Notice” alum, was excited to play for his fellow USA show.

“I was like, ‘Where do I sign?'” says Campbell. “I ran into [stars Dulé Hill and James Roday] at all
these events because I was on ‘Burn Notice’ and they were on ‘Psych,’ and actors always say, ‘Let’s work
together,’ but I actually watch their show, I love it. The tone is like
nothing else. I love the humor of it and those guys are so good, they
form a very entertaining duo. So I was happy to be a part of it.”

Hill echoes that sentiment, telling Zap2it, “We’ve been wanting to work together for years, all the time he was
on ‘Burn Notice.’ When this came up, it was the perfect opportunity to
have a chance to actually work together. He brought so many levels to
each scene, it was fun to play off and react to the stuff that he was

Both men also tip their hats to Roday, who wrote and directed “Nightmare.”

“It’s Roday’s baby,” says Hill. “He loves the horror genre and over the years he’s given us some of our darkest and scarier episodes. For the end of the series, the producers and network pretty much let him just have a go at doing all the things he wanted to do.”

Campbell agrees, saying, “The funny thing about James is he’s such a freak and a geek at
his core, you’d have to go back and analyze the episode because there are so many
references. I got the black-and-white part, I knew what movie that was
from, but there were ones that were so subtle, it’d be fun to go back
and go, ‘Oh, it’s that movie! Oh, it’s that movie!'”

He continues, “I loved it when it did the whole ‘Night of the Living Dead,’ when it
went black and white. I think Roday did a great job, I think it was
directed with a lot of energy. I think he might go places some day [as a
director]. It’s really nice to just sit back and watch those guys work,
when a show is humming.”

Adds Hill, “It was a lot of fun to film — a lot of screaming, a lot of running. I really had a blast working with all the guest stars we had that episode.”

“People are going to enjoy it,” says Campbell. “I salute ‘Psych.’ It’s a great run, the guys have really done a good job. And I applaud the fans, they are the most spirited Twitterers and most enthusiastic followers you’ll ever find. They have a great cult following and I know cult followings. [laughs] They deserve it, they have a very unique show.”

“Psych’s” final two episodes air March 19 and March 26, with a live after-show following the series finale on USA.

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