juliet shawn psych season 7 takes a luvvah 'Psych' EP talks Shawn and Juliet moving in together, Maddie and Henry's hook upWednesday’s (March 6) “Psych” episode was titled “Juliet Takes a Luvvah,” though it could’ve been called “Juliet Gets a Big Commitment from Shawn,” or “Shawn’s Mom Takes a Luvvah.” Heh.

Executive producer Steve Franks spoke with Zap2it about the new ground for these relationships — we have to wonder how Shawn is going to handle moving in with Juliet. It’s a big step for him.

“It’ll probably go horribly, I would imagine,” laughs Franks.

“I would imagine that Shawn has lots to learn,” says Franks, turning more serious. “Any time Shawn has to deal with any sort of forward movement and change he’s always very resistent to it, as evidenced by his relationship with Gus when Gus finds a girl.”

“He eventually gets there, but it’s always kind of a bumpy road,” Franks continues. “It’s really fun for us, seven years in, to be able to let Shawn grow and develop as a human being and as a character. Ultimately, he’s good boyfriend material, but as each step goes by, he’s going to make tons and tons of mistakes.”

We’re excited to see how it plays out. But it does bring to mind the looming secret between Shawn and Jules — he’s not psychic and she thinks he is. So, is Juliet going to find out?

“I would hope so, because it’s been seven years. At some point, somebody’s got to figure it out,” says Franks.

And he adds a big tease for us, “Before the series ends, it definitely has to be dealt with. It’s a
big hurdle to get over. We may see somebody this season have to deal
with that in a big way.”

Oooh. We can’t imagine what happens when somebody finally knows for sure Shawn isn’t psychic. Who do you think it will be?

As for Juliet, we posit to Franks that she already knows Shawn isn’t psychic — on some level — and she doesn’t care because she loves him. But Franks fires back to remember about her relationship with her father.

“When we did the William Shatner episode last year, we found out how much truth matters to Juliet and if it would drive her away from her own father, then what would it do to know the biggest of all secrets — everything their relationship is based on — has sort of been the product of this sham?” Franks asks us. Uh oh.

maddie henry psych season 7 'Psych' EP talks Shawn and Juliet moving in together, Maddie and Henry's hook upShawn and Juliet’s relationship road will just have to play out for us viewers, as well as what is going on with Shawn’s parents, whom he found in a rather compromising position this episode. We wonder if the ninth episode of Season 7, titled “Deez Nups,” could refer to a more permanent Maddie-Henry reunion.

“It’s true, ‘Deez Nups’ could mean lots of things, couldn’t it? There is a wedding this year, but we cannot say who the wedding is. There are many options,” Franks teases.

“I do like that Maddie and Henry have managed to come together here, especially here at the beginning of the season. But you’ll have to wait to find out,” says Franks. “That episode [‘Deez Nups’], by the way, James co-wrote it and directed it, that episode and the one that follows it are really spectacular.”

We can’t wait. 

“Psych” airs Wednesday nights at 10 p.m. ET/PT on USA.

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