psych deez nups shawn 'Psych' EP talks Shawn and Juliet's bombshell in 'Deez Nups'“Psych” handed viewers quite the bombshell ending to “Deez Nups” Wednesday (April 10), so don’t keep reading if you haven’t watched the episode yet. You’ve been warned.

Watching Juliet’s face crumble as she learned that Shawn has been lying all along about being psychic was just heartbreaking. Executive producer Steve Franks tells Zap2it he felt the same way.

“It’s heartbreaking for me too, it’s so powerful,” says the EP. He also lets us in on a secret — “Had [the network] not opted to run all the episodes together, that would’ve been our mid-season finale. People would’ve wanted to kill us.”

Um, understatement.

We can hardly wait for next week, let alone if it was several months. We knew this was an inevitable step for Shules, but what a devastating turn of events during such a happy occasion.

“It had to happen, right? There’s no way they could go on without her finding out,” says Franks. “We moved the relationship so far along that it sort of was the last thing between them … It’s something that had to be dealt with for this relationship to get to the point it needs to. If it breaks them up, it breaks them up. But they had to get beyond it.”

“It was something we were thinking about doing for a long time. We waited as long as we possibly could,” he adds.

We wonder why Shawn didn’t ever ‘fess up to Juliet on his own, once they were together. But Franks reminds us that Juliet’s background would have made that extremely hard for Shawn.

psych deez nups juliet 'Psych' EP talks Shawn and Juliet's bombshell in 'Deez Nups'“This is why we built into Juliet’s life that he learns how important honesty is. Her father was a pathological liar and the second step was that her step-father ends up also having many of the same qualities,” says Franks. “Shawn has seen in action that she can’t deal with that. He’s wanted to tell her, but he sort of was forced into this situation.”

“This lie was pre-existing before she ever came on board and he never thought it’d go this far. He just couldn’t bring himself to tell her,” he adds. “The great thing about tonight’s episode is that he actually could’ve talked himself out of it. He could’ve explained all the things she saw … for him, it’s a relief that he can finally tell her. He didn’t expect it to go exactly the way it goes. But it’s as far as Shawn can go to come clean.”

We have to hope that once Juliet calms down, she’ll realize that what Shawn said was true — he’s been doing good, he’s been catching criminals. Franks says that should make a difference to her.

“I certainly hope so. It should,” says Franks. “She is dedicated to the same thing, but I think a lot of the questions will arise of ‘Why did you wait this long?’ and ‘Why didn’t you tell me before?'”

“Ultimately, she has to reconcile who Shawn is and part of Shawn’s journey as an adult and a committed person in a real relationship is to reconcile the poor choices he’s made in the past with trying to go forward in the future,” he finishes.

We certainly hope it won’t take too long for Shawn to win Juliet back. “Psych” airs Wednesday nights at 10 p.m. ET/PT on USA.

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