timothy omunson lassie jerky psych 'Psych' goes found footage in 'Lassie Jerky': It's 'torture porn' for Lassiter, says star Timothy Omundson“Psych” Season 7 is on a roll and the latest offering from the USA gang is the show’s found-footage episode, titled “Lassie Jerky” and airing March 13, which executive producer Steve Franks tells Zap2it was really star James Roday‘s baby.

“It’s funny because [found-footage] was one of the ideas I had in between Seasons 6 and 7 … My first thought was, ‘Maybe we’ll do an episode that’s 25 percent found-footage, or to make it a little more difficult we’ll do 50 percent’ … and James immediately said, ‘I want to write it’ and the first thing he says is ‘And it’s all found-footage.'” laughs Franks.

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“James and I had more discussions about how to pull this of than we have with anything,” Franks adds. “It’s unbelievable that he managed to do it. It’s such a tribute and achievement to James and his skill as a filmmaker. He’s going to be a tremendous director for the rest of his life, just based on seeing what he pulled off with the found-footage episode.”

The episode sees our intrepid SBPD gang deep in the woods. What starts out as a hunt for Bigfoot turns serious when Gus makes a startling discovery at the bottom of a ridge. Cue Lassiter and O’Hara to the rescue — and boy, does Lassiter take a beating in this episode.

lassie jerky timothy omundson psych 'Psych' goes found footage in 'Lassie Jerky': It's 'torture porn' for Lassiter, says star Timothy Omundson“I really had to sort of re-examine my relationship with James Roday,” says star Timothy Omundson. “It’s not like he didn’t do it on purpose. I can take it two ways — either he feels we are so close, he loves me so much, that our relationship can stand the torture porn that he put me through. Or he just doesn’t care for me at all. I chose the first one.”

Among the trials Lassie endures in the episode include a splash down into a raging river, which Omundson says was quite chilly.

“It was spring, so it was the spring run-off of the glacier mountains of Canada. So that was just some incredibly cold water,” says Omundson. “I do have to say my
stunt double took the brunt of it, but I was quite game to hop in and
be there for the narrow shots. But it was ridiculously cold.”

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“It was
essentially still winter in the Northwest and we basically shot the
whole thing outside. I just know how much we were swearing at James
while we were shooting. It’s not like he hasn’t been to the Northwest in
the late winter/early spring,” Omundson continues.

Since the episode is set in the woods and is found-footage, the homage to “Blair Witch” is definitely there — complete with some creepy moments for you “Psych”-Os who like the scary episodes, which EP Franks says the show loves to do.

“James gets so pumped for any time we do something scary,” says Franks. “He’s the biggest horror fan in the history of horror fans … How creepy can we go is always the discussion we have with the network. I always have to be the person in the middle because James would really scare the bejeezus out of you if he had his way. For me, I love to be a part of the scary episodes because I think they’re so, so fun.”

“Psych” airs Wednesday nights at 10 p.m. ET/PT on USA.

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