james roday psych yin3 'Psych': James Roday hints Yin closure in season finale, Shawn's future with Juliet“Psych’s” longest recurring mystery, the pop-culture-referencing “Yin” serial killer, comes to close with the series Dec. 22 Season 5 finale, “Yang 3 in 2D.” Though we don’t know much about the latest installment, we do know that it’s the last.

Zap2it recently spoke with star James Roday, and in addition to dropping a few nuggets about the episode, he forecasts the future of Shawn and Juliet (Maggie Lawson) in the already-ordered Season 6.

“It’s hard to tease much in the episode,” Roday tells Zap2it. “It’s like picking out one of the blocks in Jenga. We do answer everything and it all comes out in the wash. We wrote it and meant for it to be the true finale in the trilogy. We finally show everyone who Yin is, and that’s pretty powerful.”

He’s much more candid about the guest stars, which include Cybill Shepherd (Shawn’s mother, Madeleine), Jimmy Simpson (the deceased Mary), Ally Sheedy (Mr. Yang) and first-timer Mena Suvari.

“We got some really stellar performances out of our guest cast,” says Roday, “which is not unusual for our show. But for one of the more serious, darker episodes, there’s just some really good acting going on.”

That will be all the “Psych” until it returns later in 2011. The second half of Season 5 unfolded quite quickly, in little over a month, but it hasn’t been without its developments. Shawn and Juliet finally put an end to the series’ will they/won’t they debate in the November opener.

“There’s no how-to book for doing a will they or won’t they relationship on television,” admits Roday. “But now that we’re here, there’s a whole new set of concerns to be leery off. You don’t want the energy to affect the show.”

And it really hasn’t — mostly because the romance has played sch a small role since it began. “I think if we’ve gotten good at anything, as far as our relationship goes on our show, it’s that we know where to fit it in and not to bang you over the head with it.”

“It just happened,” says Roday. “It’s new. I think we can get away with keeping it new and fun for a while.”

And for now, there’s this clip of Sheedy’s spookily hilarious return for the finale:

Posted by:Mikey O'Connell