psych preview ferry tale 'Psych' preview: Chi McBride, 'True Blood' star help tell 'Ferry Tale'

“Psych’s” season of exceptional guests continues with the August 25 episode “Ferry Tale.”

Shawn (James Roday) and Gus’s (Dul� Hill) ferry ride gets ugly when a group of prisoners, led by “True Blood’s current Lafayette love interest Kevin Alejandro, turn on their U.S. Marshall escort (Chi McBride) and take all the passengers hostage.

McBride can currently be seen as a regular on “Human Target,” and he’s probably best known for his work on “Boston Public,” but for us, he’ll always be “Pushing Daisies'” crotchety private eye, Emerson Cod. That role also particularly lends itself to this one, with McBride playing a grumpy, slightly bumbling man of the law.

But where do feigned psychic powers come into all this? We have no idea. There hasn’t been a murder-less episode of “Psych” since we don’t know when.

Next up? The September 1 episode, “Shawn 2.0,” which looks to be the pinnacle of the season and possibly the series with visits from both Tears For Fears singer Curt Smith and “Lost’s” Nestor Carbonell.

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Posted by:Mikey O'Connell