psych cloudy with a chance of improvement 'Psych' remake episode GIFs and guest stars: Did you spot them all?The “Psych” remake episode, “Cloudy … With a Chance of Improvement,” is a huge treat for long-time fans of the show. It takes a so-so Season 1 episode and spruces up the plot a bit, plus brings back a cavalcade of “Psych” guest stars and fun references.

The Jackson Hale murder is still at the core of the episode, but this time, instead of a jealous production assistant, the murderer is a morning show anchor who thinks gigolo Jackson is sleeping with his wife — and wannabe-weatherman Ruben Leonard gets caught in the crossfire.

There was a lot to spy for the eagle-eyed fan and we’ve compiled a list for you (which may not even be complete), but if you’d prefer to figure it all out for yourself without help, skip the “Eye Spy” section at the bottom.

Thoughts & Tidbits

  • The nods to Shawn and Juliet’s relationship as it stands now were great, especially since Shawn mentions a vision of a wedding. We all know Shawn isn’t psychic, but this episode made pointed references to stuff from present day that the 2006 characters wouldn’t know. Do you suppose wedding bells are in their future?
  • Do you think Shawn calling Gus his “black Cameron” in front of Alan Ruck was a ‘Ferris Bueller” reference? We’d like to think it is.
  • It was terrific that they wrote in a part for Woody as a guest expert. Terrific way to incorporate Kurt Fuller, who wasn’t a cast member back in Season 1.
  • In case you were wondering, Gus’ courtroom movie performance includes references to “My Cousin Vinny,” “A Few Good Men,” “Bonfire of the Vanities” and “The Verdict.”

Best Lines:

Shawn: “The whole point of a remake is to choose something that showed serious promise but failed to live up to expectations.”

Shawn: “He’s like Debra Winger in ‘Legal Eagles.'”
Gus: “I’m Glenn Close in ‘Jagged Edge’ and you know it.”

Shawn: “What are you doing for the next eight years? Because I am sensing that we become very much involved.”

Priscilla: “My typical Friday night is alone on my couch eating leftover Shishito peppers and watching ‘Jericho.'”

Gus: “The moon is black and Jesus is black and Grimace is black, end of story.”

Leonard: “Jackson Hale had a degree in physical education from a junior college and a Master’s in grab-a**! He was worthless! He was worthless! He was an embarrassment to every real meteorologist like myself and he should’ve been stabbed in the heart a long time ago.”

Henry: “What are you doing here at ‘Sun Up Santa Barbara’ making an a** of yourself? What, you guys think you’re lawyers now?”
Shawn: “Yeah, minus the law degree or whatever else is required. Note to self — that would make a heck of a TV show.”

Nick Conforth
: “Where did that night take you, exactly?”
Woody: “To my Airstream, for what the locals often refer to as ‘sex.’ … She stayed the whole night, which is rare for me. Slept like an angel, a shaft of morning light grazing her bosom. Until she bolted upright and ran to the bathroom, where she showered three times, brushed her teeth for almost an hour and left like a blaze of beautiful glory.”

Morty: “Look, I know I’m a really good-looking newscaster and I could Aaron Eckhart my way around town if I –“
Judge Leland: “No, no, not Aaron Eckhart.”
Morty: “I could Patrick Wilson my way around town.”
Judge Leland: “Better.”

“Cloudy … With a Chance of Improvement” GIFs

Eye Spy
(Don’t keep reading if you want to find them for yourself)

“Psych” writer/director Andy Berman told Zap2it in a pre-episode interview that once they decided to have the episode center around Michael Weston (reprising his role as Adam Hornstock), they decided to do a sort of “Psych” all-stars in the other roles, including some fairly obscure faces who are local actors. Here’s who we spotted:

  • Katharine Isabelle (“Black and Tan: A Crime of Fashion”) as Priscilla Morgenstern
  • Alan Ruck (“Gus Walks Into a Bank”) as Ruben Leonard
  • Michael Eklund (the original Ruben Leonard in “Cloudy”) as the Floor Manager
  • Janet Varney (“Murder? … Anyway? … Anyone? … Bueller?”) as Connie Camp
  • Ralph Macchio (“We’d Like to Thank the Academy”) as Nick Conforth
  • Ed Lover (“Last Night Gus”) as the bailiff
  • Lindsay Sloane (“Shawn and the Real Girl”) as Sandra Panitch
  • Carlos Jacott (Geoff in “The Tao of Gus” and Terrance in “9 Lives”) as Morty Camp (he’s also a producer on “Psych”)
  • Peter Kelamis (“Pilot,” “Psy vs. Psy”) as prosecutor #1
  • Allie Bertram (“Office Space”) as juror #5
  • Chris Gauthier (“Murder? … Anyway? … Anyone? … Bueller?”) as juror #3
  • Serge Houde (“Neil Simon’s Lover’s Retreat”) as Hornstock Senior
  • Pip
    pa Mackie
    (“Dead Bear Walking”) as the legal aid
  • Bruce Salomon (“Right Turn or Left for Dead”) as the punching kid
  • Dana Ashbrook (“Dual Spires”) as Jackson Hale
  • Ray Wise (“The Devil Is In the Details … And the Upstairs Bedroom,” Dual Spires””) as Judge Horace Leland
  • Extra tidbit: The judge in the first version was named “Horace Leland,” that’s just an awesome coincidence for Wise in the remake, who played Leland Palmer on “Twin Peaks.”
Let us know if we missed any! What did you think of “Cloudy … With a Chance of Improvement”?
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