psych season 6 premiere 'Psych' Season 6 premiere: Shawn loves Juliet!It’s back! “Psych” is back! Did you love the premiere episode as much as we did?

Case of the Week

Shawn and Gus solve the crime of a staff member to the British Ambassador (the awesome Malcolm McDowell) who strangled two women. One was the girlfriend of the exchange student the staffer was housing. The exchange student, Colin, was accused but cleared. And the second woman was another staffer who was possibly going to find out about the first girl.

The Station

But in more fun news, Lassiter is wigging out about Juliet and Shawn, which he discovered at the end of last season, if you’ll remember. In Lassiter’s polygraph to Shawn, Shawn blurts out that he loves Juliet. It’s lovely. Shawn also says he’s a psychic while on the polygraph – because his dad taught him how to beat a lie detector. Heh.

Lassiter also hooks himself up to the polygraph in order to show Shawn how serious he is when he says if Shawn hurts Juliet or doesn’t treat her with respect, Lassie will shoot Shawn. Repeatedly.

The Flashback

No young Shawn flashback to start the episode was missing and we were getting all sad about it, but the one at the end of the lie detector dodging lesson was a good substitute.

Overall, a triumphant return to TV for “Psych,” we thought. What did you think?

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