When Abigail (Rachael Leigh Cook) left Shawn (James Roday) at the end of Season 4, and Juliet (Maggie Lawson) had her near-death experience at the hands of the hands of the Hitchcock-copying Yin, all signs pointed to a Season 5 hook-up for “Psych’s” unrealized couple.

But it seems like we’re getting further from the possibility with each episode.

The series’ summer run comes to an end Sept. 8, and it finds Shawn increasingly angsty over Juliet (who’s shacking up with returning guest star Nestor Carbonell) when he’s approached by a disgraced (and possibly evil) government spy who needs help clearing her name. Ample “Bourne Identity” references ensue, which is especially fun, given the spy in question is played by “Bourne” star Franka Potente — who we’ll always love best for “Run Lola Run.”

There’s also helicopters, gunfire, foot chases and Juliet in a towel. USA is promising unexpected twists, and given the show’s history of mid-season cliffhangers, it will likely deliver.

Be sure to watch “One, Maybe Two Ways Out,” and then come back and hit the comments after you do.

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Photo credits: USA

Posted by:Mikey O'Connell