psych comic con 2013 dule hill james roday 'Psych: The Musical' and Season 8: Nine things to know from the Comic Con press room“Psych” has one more epic episode in store for fans before entering its eighth (and final) season on USA: A two-hour musical set to premiere Dec. 15.

Zap2it spoke with series stars James Roday, Maggie Lawson and Timothy Omundson at the show’s Comic-Con press room to get a little inside intel on the musical episode, plus some extra tidbits from returning guest star Cary Elwes (who reprises his fan favorite role as Despereaux in Season 8).

Maggie Lawson on the cast’s reaction to a musical episode: “What’s funny actually is we sing all the time but it’s not on camera. When we actually had music on paper that we had to learn and sing and notes that you have to hit on camera, that was a challenge but we loved it.”

Cary Elwes on not being asked to join the musical: “I was bummed I wasn’t invited for that, I wish I had been. I think they heard my singing voice…”

Timothy Omundson on his tap dancing skills: “It’s obvious how incredibly talented I am in that field. How could we keep that from the world?”

Cary Elwes on Dule Hill’s dancing skills: “Dule is a phenomenal dancer, as you all know. Between every take he’s practicing his steps and it’s a sight to behold.”

Maggie Lawson on whether or not the musical includes “Les Miserables”-style live singing: “Every single take was live… uh huh. No, it was not!” (At which point Omundson chimed in to add: “We would’ve! We just couldn’t figure out the technology. We’re on a budget.”)

Cary Elwes on what he enjoys about “Psych”: “I haven’t had this much fun working on a show ever. These guys are so relaxed and so funny. Their relationship with each other and their characters’ relationship with each other is so beautiful to observe. They always welcome me in with open arms and made me feel like part of the family from day one. I’m thrilled every time I get to [come back].”

James Roday on the announcement of the horror-themed fan-voted episode: “We’ve got one more [tribute episode]. It’s the one that the one fans voted for. It’s a dream therapy episode so we’ll have some fun with, well, it’s called ‘A Nightmare on State Street.’ I’m a big horror guy so that’s generally where I go.”

Timothy Omundson on the idea of no more “Psych”: “I’m not gonna cry today! I’ve done enough of that this month.”

Maggie Lawson on what might happen after the finale: “A ‘Psych’ movie? Let’s hope!”

Check out the “Psych” Comic-Con trailer below, from The Hollywood Reporter:

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