psych-musical-james-roday-dule-hill-USA.jpgThe musical event of the television season is almost upon us, “Psych”-Os. Stars Dule Hill and James Roday and creator Steve Franks spoke with the press Tuesday (Dec. 10) about what went into making such a big episode, which Roday says was nothing short of Herculean.

“After all the work that [Franks] did to get us there, there was no way we weren’t gonna step up to deliver the goods,” says Roday. “He wrote the whole thing, he conceived it, he composed it with Adam Cohen, he directed it. It was a gargantuan, Herculean task that he took on, so in some ways, when you think about it, Dule and I had the easy job of just bringing it to life.”

“Steve’s been so generous with letting … [the writers] have the autonomy to do crazy things on his show over the years, that knowing that this was his baby, his crown jewel … It was a no-brainer,” Roday continues. “He could’ve told me to jump off a building. I was Denzel Washington in ‘Glory.’ I was going to pick up the flag no matter what. No matter how crazy it sounded, no matter how daunting it sounded.

“No matter how many naysayers there were, I was going to pick up pom-poms and if we went down, we were gonna go down together. That was my mentality.”

Hill adds that in addition to wanting to do a great job for Franks, the task was made even bigger because the shooting schedule didn’t allow for any extra time to shoot the musical.

“The fact that we were doing a two-hour movie special, with all those things, with songs by Steve Franks, in the same time frame that it took us to do a normal episode, that was daunting,” says Hill, with Franks adding that “it was a big episode if you don’t even put the musical numbers in it.”

But they got it done and now viewers will be treated to a two-hour singing and dancing extravaganza — and some of the cast members’ talents might surprise you.

timothy omundson psych musical 'Psych: The Musical' was 'a Herculean task,' says James Roday“[Timothy Omudson] has an amazing baritone voice,” says Hill. “All jokes aside, he’s a wonderful singer. I was really impressed with the tone of his voice and how much of a pure singer he is. I would love to see him go and do another musical on TV or on film or on stage, because I just think he’s that good.”

Roday echoes those sentiments and says he’s also really proud of Kurt Fuller, who “claimed to be tone deaf.”

“Right up until the last second [Fuller] wasn’t going to sing his song. He was going to lip-sync it to another man’s voice, it was going to be a gag,” says Roday. “But at the last second, he decided to shed his inhibitions and give it a shot and I think he sounded great. … Credit to a non-singer stepping up and going for it.”

The “Psych” musical airs Sunday, Dec. 15 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on USA.

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