queen elizabeth the script bbc gi Queen Elizabeth sits front row at The Script's BBC concert

Queen Elizabeth II sat in on a performance by The Script and surprised a couple of news anchors behind the desk during a tour Friday (June 7) of the BBC’s remodeled London headquarters. 
The Script hails from Ireland and have had numerous hits in the United States, including their 2008 single, “Breakeven.” The Queen was pictured shaking hands with frontman Danny O’Donoghue and enjoying a front row seat for their in-air performance.
The BBC’s guest of honor also made an impromptu appearance behind the news desk alongside others taking the BBC tour. The news group tweeted out a photo of the Queen Mum standing behind its anchors. Elizabeth’s husband, Prince Philip, was scheduled to take the tour with his wife. However, a recent hospitalization put the kibosh on those plans.
During the Queen’s visit, she gave an interview to BBC Radio. According to “Today,” Elizabeth noted the remarkable changes BBC has undergone in the 60 years she has been Queen. 

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