kelly osbourne queen latifah show 'Queen Latifah': Kelly Osbourne says Sharon Osbourne threatened to have her arrested if she didn't clean upKelly Osbourne was on “The Queen Latifah Show” Friday (Oct. 4), where she tells host Queen Latifah about her recent engagement to Matthew Mosshart  — whom she met at Kate Moss’ wedding — and about sobering up and getting her life together.

“It was the last place that I ever expected to meet someone!” says Osbourne. But she adds that the engagement “hasn’t quite sunk in” for them yet. They haven’t really started planning anything or have any idea what they’re doing for the wedding.

But even if they had started, it might not be something Kelly would necessarily share with the world just yet.

“I learned the hard way that the personal, personal stuff you keep to yourself. You don’t share that with the world. … I wanted to get to know him before some magazine told me something about him that wasn’t true or was digging into stuff,” says Osbourne. She also adds that you just have to stop worrying about what people are saying about you all the time.

“I woke up one day and I realized that I have one of the most incredible lives anybody could ask for and I wake up and complain every day? What is wrong with me?! I didn’t like myself, I believed what people said about me,” says Osbourne.

“One day enough was enough — it also had a lot to do with my mom saying she was going to have me arrested if I didn’t get myself together,” she laughs. “But I have a family that really loves and supports me, so I’m lucky in that aspect. But you can’t do it unless you want to. Nobody can force you to be a good person or get your life together.”

“I went [to rehab] because I wanted to, because I wanted to get better. … You have to want it, no one can make you do it. When you do it through gritted teeth, you’re not happy. You have to want to do it for  you. Getting to that place is the hardest thing ever,” Kelly adds.

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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