rachael ray guy fieri celebrity cookoff Rachael Ray: Guy Fieri and I 'are a lot like brother and sister'Zap2it: You were the first-season winner of “Rachael vs. Guy Celebrity Cook-Off.” Does that up the stakes for you against Guy Fieri in returning for the show’s new season?

Rachael Ray: You know what? Guy and I are both very competitive people, but everybody’s playing for charity … and seeing how hard everyone works, no matter whose team they’re on, there’s a certain amount of keeping it in perspective. You’re excited for whoever the winner turns out to be, because they’ve truly earned it.

Zap2it: How would you describe the nature of your rivalry with Guy?

Rachael Ray: We’re a lot like brother and sister, so it’s fun for us. It’s like friends ribbing each other.

Zap2it: With the busy schedule that also includes your syndicated weekday talk show and the book tour you recently finished, how comfortably does the making of “Celebrity Cook-Off” fit in for you?

Rachael Ray: I dedicate most of my summer months to Food Network production, so it’s turned out that it’s time that I’ve already set aside. It was sort of fun to be in a totally different environment (the West Coast, where Season 2 of “Celebrity Cook-Off” was taped), extra-challenging and exciting for me being a total fish out of water.

I get to California very rarely during the year, and we filmed all over the place there. I’d have to go back probably close to a decade for a season or a year where I spent that much time there.

Posted by:Jay Bobbin