ramona singer interview us mario divorce Ramona Singer reveals why she finally left husband Mario after 27 yearsRamona Singer has “moved on” and now she’s ready to set the record straight on what took so long for her to pull the plug on her marriage to Mario despite consistent reports of cheating.

In an incredibly candid interview with US Weekly, Singer says for awhile she and her husband of 27 years were working “working hard” and “making progress” on their marital issues — even attending therapy for nearly 15 weeks before the couple finally called it quits.

Then Singer says one day her women’s intuition started kicking in and she had a suspicion Mario was seeing Kasey Dexter, a young socialite he had been first accused of cheating with in 2013. When confronted, Mario admitted being unfaithful to his devoted wife. This was the final straw Ramona needed to pull the plug for good.

The “Real Housewives of NYC” star describes kicking out the former love of her life to US saying, “I left him a note saying, ‘Please don’t come to the house in the
Hamptons, and please get an apartment. I don’t want to see you anymore.’
And that was it. He kept calling me and calling me, but I wouldn’t take his calls.”

Although, the wine entrepreneur filed for separation in January 2014, she doesn’t regret her decision to try to make it work with her former love and father to the couple’s teenage daughter, Avery. “A lot of women told me you leave when you’re ready; you don’t need to
leave because he cheated on you. And I looked at the bigger picture.
There were problems in our relationship, but nothing bad enough for him
to cheat,” she explains.

Ramona admits even though Mario “cried and begged” for another chance, one day she had enough and knew what she had to do and there was no turning back. “I would never reconcile with him. No chance. I believe in marriage, I gave him a second chance, and he betrayed me and our daughter. You just don’t do that,” Singer says.

Ultimately, Ramona says she realized Mario wasn’t the person she fell in love with anymore, “I married a traditional man, a God-fearing man — high morals, high
scruples, believes in family and tradition. This man today is not the
man I married.”

Posted by:Sarah Huggins