ravenswood home is where the heart is mrs matheson 'Ravenswood'   'Home Is Where the Heart Is': Springer and Tess are involved ... somehow“Ravenswood” weaves an interesting web with “Home Is Where the Heart Is — Seriously Check the Floorboards.” Read on to find out who else might be involved with the curse.

The Curse

We all know that Dillon and Max are evil and up to no good, but the show hinted pretty hard this week that Tess and Springer are also involved … somehow.

Tess reaches out to Olivia, trying to be friends and telling Liv she broke up with Springer. But not five minutes later, Springer confronts Tess and snarls, “I have to take it from Dillon, but I don’t have to take it from you. Being nice to Olivia? That isn’t gonna save you.”

Springer tries to talk to Olivia about a lot of things, but he’s agitated and a little incoherent. Liv runs from him and into the street, where Springer follows and is hit by a car — with Tess behind the wheel.

Springer’s involvement is only confirmed by Grunwald and Collins talking about how he doesn’t know what he’s gotten himself into — but it makes us think perhaps Springer is on the side of good in this epic good vs. battle? Did he throw slushie on Olivia during the Homecoming parade in an effort to maybe save her life? Hmm.

And did Tess hit him with her car on purpose?

Meanwhile, Miranda starts snooping around Grunwald’s spirit friend, Beatrice Stevens, who, as it turns out, is Carla’s mother. Beatrice got pregnant as a teenager and her mother raised Carla as B’s sister so as not to bring shame upon the family.

When Beatrice was killed as one of the five teenagers who died during World War II, she didn’t mind staying on at the Collins house as a ghost because it meant she got to be with her daughter. She doesn’t want Miranda and her friends to break the curse because it will separate her from Carla.

Family Ties

Caleb’s dad Jamie is in town because he inherited a house when Henry Rivers died and wants to fix it up and sell it so that Caleb has money. At first, Caleb is mean to him in the hopes he goes away and doesn’t get hurt, but eventually Caleb just agrees to help his dad repair the house.

Across town, a three-sided knife (one that Remy saw in her dream about 1917) is found in the Mathesons’ yard and the police haul Mrs. Matheson in for questioning. The police can’t prove anything, but Olivia is upset that Raymond Collins helped their mother (again). She wants him to stay away from her mom, but her mom isn’t really down with that. And why would she be? Raymond Collins is a “Dark Shadows”-y hottie.

Finally, Remy heads for a sleep clinic, after slashing her dad’s arm during one of her sleepwalking episodes. Next week looks pretty good, in a “Nightmare on Elm Street” kind of way.

Best Lines:

Collins: “Your father and I disagreed, but I respected him. From all accounts, he was a good father.”

: “If I go quietly, will you do something for me?”
Mr. Beaumont: “This isn’t a hostage negotiation.”

Collins: “He’s starting to realize what he got himself into.”
Grunwald: “What do you think he’ll do?”
Collins: “Something stupid. Something someone will have to clean up.”

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