nicole gale anderson ravenswood abc family 'Ravenswood' midseason finale 'Scared to Death': The devil and Caleb RiversThe midseason finale of “Ravenswood” offered some excellent scares — pee-your-pants good, so don’t make fun. Just like Olivia said.

The Curse

For a minute, we really thought the show killed off Caleb Rivers and we were actually super-pumped. Not because we want him to die, of course, but just … that’s such a bold dramatic choice. Sure, Miranda’s a main character too, but not in the same way. That would’ve been incredibly daring.

But Caleb is OK. And we’re fine with that too. What we’re more interested in is the fact that the little girl Max and Dillon appear to be some kind of minions for the devil. The show doesn’t explicitly say that, but Max’s “in Hell” comment and the duplicitous ghosts of Miranda’s parents and Dillon saying “he” won’t be pleased — all signs point to the devil, which makes “Ravenswood” 1000x scarier than “PLL” ever could be.

Uncle Collins

We’re now firmly in the camp that Raymond is a good guy, out to protect the kids. We were leaning that way — his prickly temperament and chamber o’horrors seemed like a red herring and we think we’re right. Though we’re not sure why he had to get more of Miranda’s hair. Presumably the show will explain that when it comes back.

Thoughts & Tidbits

  • The buried bodies were intriguing. We thought they were Caleb and Miranda at first, which didn’t make much sense in light of the boating accident we know about, but it’s very intriguing that two other curse-affected folks, Thomas and Esther, thought a sacrifice might break the curse. That’s another thread we hope to see more of.
  • Henry Rivers is dead, but the show doesn’t say it happened before he visited Caleb, like we predicted last week. That’s a bummer, we thought for sure that was ghost Henry.
  • One really hilarious moment was at the beginning where Olivia balks at them getting in a car together and Luke’s like, “Can’t avoid it forever.” Wrong. We’re with Olivia — if we were in your shoes, we would avoid any kind of mode of transportation that contained all four of us at once, literally forever.
  • How creepy, creepy, creepy is that little girl?! SO CREEPY. When she started singing “Ring Around the Rosey,” I literally got goosebumps all over my body.
  • Best Lines:

    Grunwald: “Caleb is looking for Miranda. You need to do it tonight.”

    Past Caleb: “When we’re not together, I feel like I’m missing a part of me. I’m worthless without you.”

    Luke: “Liv, you’ve always been the optimist. If I gotta be the one to start cheering people up, it’s gonna get pretty dire around here.” [Note: Ain’t that the truth. All Luke does is cry all the time. Speaking of which …]

    Remy: “You can’t handle your own truth, why would I think you could handle mine?”

    Olivia: “A big hairy spider was crawling up my arm!”
    Caleb: “We’re in a room with two skeletons and that is what freaked you out?”

    Olivia: “OK, there’s creepy and there’s if-I-pee-my-pants-no-one’s-allowed-to-make-fun-of-me.”

What did you think of “Scared to Death”? Because we loved it.
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