ravenswood-revival-season-1B-premiere.jpg“Ravenswood” returned Tuesday (Jan. 7) and wasted no time in letting us in on the origin of the pact. We’re dying to know who was riding in the coach, on the receiving end of the reverend’s pact and dagger.

The Curse

There’s a flashback to original Caleb and Miranda out for a moonlit picnic, where they end up spying on a meeting of the Ravenswood town elders, who are making the pact where the curse originated. The source of said pact is a creepy reverend by the name of Gabriel Abadon.

Original Caleb’s dad, Thomas Rivers, signs the pact, whereas original Miranda’s mom, Esther Collins, will not. Esther makes an impassioned speech about how they are sacrificing the town’s children in favor of the soldiers, but no one listens to her and she rides off in her carriage.

The five present-day Ravenswood kids have been reading all of this in Esther’s journal, which was in the box of artifacts that Caleb found, along with a locket that contains a picture of a baby, presumably original Miranda.

Saying the good reverend’s name causes Esther’s journal to burst into flames, so in case you were unsure after the flashback as to which side Abadon is on, he’s evil.

Later, Remy finds herself in the flashback to 1919 via her dreams, but an absolutely terrifying, murderous scarecrow prevents her from investigating anything by waking her up in the dream. Remy gets advice from her mother about lucid dreaming, wherein you realize you’re dreaming and can control what happens to you, and then enlists the Scooby Gang’s help in guarding her while she sleeps and not letting her wake up.

In her dream, Remy once again revisits the cabin where the town elders are making the pact, while in real life, she’s sleepwalking to the exact place in the dream. In present-day, Caleb and Luke are fighting the murderous scarecrow so that it won’t harm Remy (or wake her up), while Remy is watching the reverend cast a spell and then hand the pact and a dagger off to someone in a Hinchley, Trumbull and Collins coach.

It’s very well done and very, very creepy.

The Romances

Luke and Remy are the only happy couple on the show. They aren’t happy-happy, but they’re doing OK, all things considered. The same cannot be said for Caleb and Miranda, as he informs Miranda that he broke up with Hanna, and she gets mad at him because now Hanna will think she’s a boyfriend-stealer.

Miranda later confesses to Olivia that she likes Caleb and almost asked him to stay with her on the other side. She’s also really bummed out that she died a virgin. This revelation causes Olivia to decide she doesn’t want to die a virgin, so she sleeps with Dillon on a midnight outing not unlike the one original Caleb and Miranda had in the flashback.

Of course, original Caleb and Miranda did not have creepy devil child Max in the backseat of their car — ZOMG, that little girl is going to haunt our dreams.

In other (possible) romance news, Raymond Collins visits the Matheson house to drop some orchids off for Luke and Olivia’s mom, Rochelle. They are understandably creeped out to find him there, since the group suspects that he dug up Miranda’s grave and snipped off a new lock of her hair and that’s why she once again cannot leave the Collins estate grounds.

The Grunwald

Miranda goes to work on finding out what Mrs. Grunwald knows, trying to haunt her. But you have to get up pretty early to scare to Carla Grunwald, and Miranda really doesn’t even make a dent.

There’s actually a gold mist floating around the Collins mansion that pins Miranda down at one point, and we’re left wondering if Grunwald set it on her, or if it somehow protects Grunwald. But in the end, it appears to be that Grunwald controls the gold mist, as she conjures it up with a candle and says, “I know, I love you, too.” Whose ghost do you suppose that is?

Thoughts & Tidbits

  • Nothing against “Pretty Little Liars,” but the return of “Ravenswood” wins the head-to-head battle Tuesday night. “RW” came back with a strong offering.
  • Clearly Esther Collins is against the pact, but when do you suppose Thomas Rivers comes around to her way of thinking? They were the two skeletons locked in that secret room hoping to bring their children back and thwart the curse, remember?
  • Luke and Caleb’s bromance is in full bloom, as they talk about Caleb’s trip to the other side and he confesses he’s not sure what to do about Miranda. That was a nice scene, it’s great that they’re friends and not adversaries. Luke is no Toby Cavanagh (yet), but we’ll take it. Caleb needs a buddy.
  • Likewise Olivia and Miranda as gal pals. They just need to reach out to Remy, she seems a little lonely. Not only does she have this whole weird sleepwalking thing going on, but she benefited from the curse by her mom being the surviving soldier. Remy has a lot going on.
  • Dillon mentions to Max at one point that “it’s the grinder for both of us” if they don’t succeed in their plans. Um, does he mean a literal grinder or a figurative one?
  • We’re still coming down on the side of Raymond Collins is not evil. But was it his ancestor who was in the Hinchley, Trumbull and Collins coach?
  • We also don’t think Mrs. Grunwald is evil either. We hope she and Miranda start communicating soon and we’re intrigued to find out just who or what the gold mist is.

Best Lines:

    Grunwald: “Be careful, my dear. You think you have the answers, but you don’t even know what the questions are.”

    Luke: “Dude, if you have to point out that you didn’t kiss, it meant something.”

What did you think of “Ravenswood’s” return, fans?

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