ravenswood finale merritt patterson brett dier britne oldford 'Ravenswood' season finale: A death, original Caleb finds present day Miranda and the mayor's killer revealedOn the season finale of “Ravenswood,” there is so much awesome. So much.

The Curse

Remy, Luke and Olivia do some research into the bloody-eyed boy Remy saw last episode. He’s Ryan Atwater, who it turns out is sort of the teens’ conduit into the past — he showed Olivia the lab fire at the school, not Abby. They go to the mayor’s office to see if Ryan will show them what happened to Mayor Matheson.

In a flashback courtesy of Ryan (so everyone can see it), Dillon is revealed as Mr. Matheson’s killer, shouting, “I don’t want to die” as he stabs the mayor in the chest. But as Dillon was stashing the bloody knife inside Mrs. Matheson’s coat, he touched a book and left a bloody thumbprint on in the inside cover. Back in the present, Remy has the evidence in her hot little hand.

But Dillon knows something is up because he breaks into Remy’s house that night, knocks her out and carries her off. Caleb confronts Collins about it and Collins reveals that whomever stands up against the curse gets killed — Miranda’s mom was a victim and that’s why Raymond sent Miranda away as a girl.

Dillon takes Remy to the chapel on the cemetery grounds, which is just a lure to get the four teens to the chapel. Abaddon is there and he gives Miranda her life back — but it’s only because he needs to kill all five at once, not just Miranda as the lone casualty of the car accident.

Collins rides to the rescue to explain all of this to the teens and he bargains their lives to set a specific soul free that Abaddon wants — original Caleb Rivers. The soul flies away into the night and then … demon child Max leads Dillon to fall to his death in front of a speeding train. Um, what?

But who cares, because original Caleb sees present-day Miranda sitting on a bench and runs to her! He thinks she’s original Miranda and she just sees her Caleb, even though she knows something is off, but they can feel each other because they’re both ghosts and it’s awesome. Awesome. That ending was AWESOME.

Hanna and Caleb

Hanna comes to Ravenswood dead set on confronting Miranda about stealing Caleb away. Caleb has to tell her what’s going on — not all of it, but at least the part about Miranda being dead and him helping ghost Miranda with her “unfinished business.” Hanna naturally thinks he’s insane.

But Mrs. Grunwald convinces her that Caleb isn’t crazy — which, why would it be so hard to believe after what happened at Halloween? Anyway, Hanna stays and is immediately contacted by creepy Max, who then morphs into the spider-face lady. EP Joseph Dougherty told Zap2it that Abaddon can take many forms, so perhaps Max and spider-face lady are just two other forms of the demon.

Hanna and Caleb say goodbye, with her understanding why he has to stay in Ravenswood, but still not knowing the entire story. Miranda overhears their love-filled goodbyes and is sad.

Thoughts & Tidbits

  • The red rubber ball moment when Max meets Hanna totally gave us a shiver remembering the old Fritz Lang silent movie “M.” It’s not really similar to “Ravenswood” in terms of plot, but the ball-rolling thing sparked a memory of that movie. It’s worth a watch, but it’s very upsetting.
  • The scene between Hanna and Miranda in the funeral parlor was lovely. Nicole Gale Anderson really nailed it, Miranda is so tragic in this story.
  • It’s nice that the show had a phone conversation between Emily and Hanna, explaining that she just ran off to Ravenswood in the midst of what is going on with Fitz in Rosewood — because both on tonight’s “PLL” and next week’s “PLL,” Hanna’s trip to Ravenswood goes conspicuously unmentioned.
  • The Dillon train death was so weird and random, right? Guess the demon
    in charge of everything got tired of him, but it was a very WTF moment. It also robbed us of Olivia getting to have it out with her father’s killer. We guess it’s justice that he got ran over by a train, but we wanted to see Olivia tell him off.
  • Original Caleb and present-day Miranda offers so many amazing possibilities. She can have a buddy! She can have a love interest! And it’s complicated by the fact that it’s the spit and image of her present-day friend and love interest Caleb. Delicious. Love it. I even knew original Caleb was in this episode in non-flashback form and didn’t put it together. Bowled over, stick in a fork in me, I’m done. That was terrific.

Best Lines:

Dillon: “I don’t know who’s been showing them what happened, but I’ll get them there before they see anything else.”

Remy: “Poor Miranda.”
Luke: “Why poor Miranda?”
Remy: “Don’t be such a boy.”

Miranda: “I’ll protect him until he can come back to you. I promise.”

Did you love the season finale of “Ravenswood” or what?

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