“Ravenswood” is just a few short (long?) months away, “Pretty Little Liars” fans. Let’s go over what we know so far.

The spin-off will take us to this mysterious town near Rosewood that we’ve seen the Liars visit several times. Tyler Blackburn, however, is the only main PLL character heading to the spin-off, which he tells Zap2it will all be laid out in the Halloween episode of PLL.

“Our annual Halloween episode is the spin-off point for my character. The majority of the episode takes place in Ravenswood, so I end up just staying. How, you’ll have to watch and see. I end up just staying there,” says Blackburn. “These five teenagers find out they’re all involved with this curse, so they ban together and figure it all out. I think it’s going to be a lot more supernatural and it’s very dark.”

As for Caleb’sfate with Hanna, Blackburn says, “It’s not a break-up. They allow for some room to cross over. … The fans will be pleased [with how it goes].”

Creator Marlene King echoes his comments that there’s room for more PLL characters in “Ravenswood” — “Initially, it’s just Caleb who ends up staying in Ravenswood. We’ll see as the story unfolds if more ‘Pretty Little Liars’ friends will end up going there with him.”

What we’re most curious about is that in the PLL summer finale, it
appears as though “A’s” lair (one of them, anyway) is in Ravenswood, so
we would have to think crossover is inevitable.

As for the tone of the show, expect a markedly different feel from “Pretty Little Liars.” Creator Joseph Dougherty tells us that it’s going to have some supernatural forces at work.

“First and foremost, [‘Ravenswood’ is] going to give us access to an entirely different world, which is more supernatural. It has supernatural elements that are not in ‘Pretty Little Liars.’ There are other forces at work [in Ravenswood],” says Dougherty. “Those forces may not be terrestrial, they may not be human. That’s a kind of story and a kind of suspense you wouldn’t be able to do on ‘Pretty Little Liars.'”

“We’re going to really make it hard for you to get to sleep on those evenings,” he laughs, deviously.

We can hardly wait. The first full-length trailer for “Ravenswood” is above and below is the clue puzzle that the stars of the new series were tweeting out during the summer finale of “Pretty Little Liars.”

The clue is obviously Caleb on a tombstone in Ravenswood (see the screengrab from the trailer below the clue picture). But what does it say underneath?! We can’t read it. Bah!

“Ravenswood” premieres Tuesday, Oct. 22 on ABC Family.

ravenswood clue 'Ravenswood' trailer, a clue and sleepless nights coming in the fallravenswood caleb 'Ravenswood' trailer, a clue and sleepless nights coming in the fall

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