zack springer ravenswood 'Ravenswood': What role will Springer play?“Ravenswood” may be coming to a midseason close on Tuesday, Nov. 19, but that doesn’t mean the cast and crew are on break. They are hard at work filming the back-half of Season 1. Zap2it knows they’re currently working on episodes eight and nine, which makes us wonder about the picture Brendan Kelly just tweeted.

Kelly captions it, “Just watched my brother @BrockKelIy tear it up while filming @RavenswoodABCF He and @BritneOldford killed it!”

For those of you who don’t know, Brock Kelly plays Zack Springer on the show and so far, he’s been pretty much confined to the periphery — case in point, the only picture from ABC Family with him in it is where he’s in the background at Miranda’s funeral (above).

It’s got us wondering what kind of role he plays going forward. Springer has been a jerk to Luke, he had that thing with Tess, he got fired by Raymond Collins for drinking on the job — but what is he doing filming a scene with Remy Beaumont?

Perhaps some of the supporting character — Springer, Tess, Dylan, Mr. Price — are more involved with the show’s main curse plotline than we think. 

What do you think, “Ravenswood” fans?
Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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