britne oldford ravenswood scared to death 'Ravenswood's' Britne Oldford: Remy's dad has information he's not sharing“Ravenswood” is bringing an action-packed midseason finale next week with “Scared to Death,” which Britne Oldford teases for Zap2it what is happening with Remy and her sleepwalking problem moving forward.

“The dreams that she’s having are definitely affecting her
physically. Not too much mentally, but she’s growing very weary and very
tired,” says Oldford. “Her sleepwalking does definitely evolve and you’ll see why
she’s sleepwalking, what happens when she’s sleepwalking and it really
comes to a head, actually, when we come back. So we’ll have to see what

In addition to her sleep problem, Remy also has one of the parents on the show who seems to be more than perhaps he or she is letting on. But is Remy’s dad in on the curse?

“I think that Simon Beaumont has some sort of an idea as to why the town is the way it is,” says Oldford. “I don’t think he knows about the curse, per se, but he definitely does have information on a lot of the parents in the town and a lot of the reasons why certain things have happened.”

“It’s so tricky to find out information about what is going on because everybody is so quiet in the town,” she continues. “People that do know what is going on aren’t saying anything. … The dramatic irony is that you’re going to hear a lot of people talking about it and we don’t hear them.”

“Ravenswood” airs Tuesday nights at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC Family.

Additional reporting by Jean Bentley.

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