nicole gale anderson ravenswood abc family 'Ravenswood's' Nicole Gale Anderson: Past Caleb and Miranda were 'very much in love'“Ravenswood” is wrapping up the first half of Season 1 on Tuesday, Nov. 19 with “Scared to Death,” which star Nicole Gale Anderson teases for Zap2it will feature the gang in a race to save Miranda and a creepy little girl who is not what she seems.

“The next episode basically starts off with Miranda waking up in this amazingly perfect dream home with her mom and her dad and this cute little girl named Max and everything seems picture-perfect,” says Anderson. “But what she doesn’t know is that it isn’t quite what it appears to be.”

“Caleb, it comes to him in a dream, he quickly starts to piece together all the clues he found within that box from the last episode and the four Ravenswood kids try to figure out the clues to find Miranda.”

We were wondering if this little girl Max is there to help or hurt Miranda and Anderson says she is “definitely there to hurt.”

“[Max] is very deceivingly sweet, or appears to be very, very sweet,” says Anderson. “The actress that plays her is the most beautiful, gorgeous little girl and so talented, but her creepy face gets us every time. She’s so good at playing evil! It’s so crazy.”

“You’ll see her throughout, she plays a much bigger role in the past than any of us could imagine. She’s kind of the middle-man. She reports back to someone that we don’t know who yet.”

Intriguing! And also so, so creepy.

miranda caleb tyler blackburn flashback ravenswood 'Ravenswood's' Nicole Gale Anderson: Past Caleb and Miranda were 'very much in love'But what isn’t creepy is the on-going love triangle that ghost Miranda seems to unwittingly be a part of. There’s a flashback to original Caleb Rivers and Miranda Collins, who were “very much in love,” says Anderson.

“They believed they were soulmates for eternity, it was so romantic to play with the costumes and the hair and makeup, it was so much fun,” she continues.

But present-day Miranda unfortunately can’t act on her feelings like the past Miranda can.

“Miranda just wants Caleb to be happy and safe and get away from all of this. He’s already done so much for her and she just wants him to be OK. She really does care about him and she is undeniably attracted to him … but there isn’t really much she can do because she’s a ghost,” laughs Anderson.

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“Caleb has a lot to figure out, especially with Hanna. He just wants to do what’s best for Hanna as well. You’ll get to see more Caleb and Miranda moments throughout the season but nothing too intimate, ’cause, you know, I’m a ghost.”

Anderson also teases that the midseason finale will give us a bit more insight into Uncle Collins, who definitely seems creepy at the moment.

“He’s been doing an awesome job about playing the mystery and I’m really excited for a chance to continue to see more of his character,” says Anderson. “He has this awesome moral side to him as well. We touched a little on his connection ot Michelle Matheson in the last episode and why he really cares for her and wants to help her out and I think it translates more with what he was trying to do for the kids. He’s trying to do the best he can in a really sticky situation.”

“Ravenswood” airs Tuesday nights at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC Family.

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