caleb miranda tyler blackburn ravenswood flashback 'Ravenswood's' Tyler Blackburn on 'Haleb' and Caleb's feelings for Miranda“Ravenswood” is coming to a midseason close next Tuesday and Tyler Blackburn tells Zap2it that “Haleb” fans might not be too happy.

“I can’t say for sure if [Hanna and Caleb] break up or not, but things won’t be the

same, let’s just say that,” says Blackburn. “It’s a very delicate situation because a lot has transpired in Ravenswood for Caleb, a lot that he wants to keep secret from her. That definitely puts him in a sticky situation.”

He has to make some decisions and some of them I don’t think are going to go over well with some of the ‘Haleb’ fans. But I think it’s a necessary choice that he makes.”

Part of the sticky situation Caleb is in has to do with Miranda (Nicole Gale Anderson), who is now a ghost and yet for whom Caleb might have some feelings.

“It’s a complicated situation. He does [have feelings for Miranda], but it’s almost as

if he doesn’t fully understand them,” says Blackburn.

“The last time I was personally in

love with a ghost — no, I’m just kidding,” Blackburn laughs.

“But he’s been through a lot and

he feels protective over Miranda … and she’s now dead and he wants to

help her. They are similar in a lot of ways, Miranda and Caleb. There’s

also this msyterious past between their relatives who were around when

the pact originated. There’s a bond on a spiritual level,

and I think that confuses him because he doesn’t fully understand why he

feels the way he feels. I think he does have feelings for her, but it’s a

weird situation, so he doesn’t know what to do or how to act on it.”

miranda caleb tyler blackburn flashback ravenswood 'Ravenswood's' Tyler Blackburn on 'Haleb' and Caleb's feelings for MirandaThe midseason finale, titled “Scared to Death,” will start to explore the origins of the curse, particularly the Caleb Rivers and Miranda Collins from the past, which Blackburn says was a lot of fun to film.

“You have to think about how to carry yourself, how to speak a little bit

differently, they enunciated [laughs], things like that. It was really cool to do

that,” he says. “And it really does open some new doors and pose some new questions about

Caleb and Miranda in the present time as well as in the past, and how they

were involved with the origin of the curse. It touches on the time that

the curse was formed. So it’s very important but it was also very fun.”

We already know that past Caleb and Miranda were a couple but Blackburn says there’s an interesting twist on that relationship too.

“They have strong feelings for each other. It’s a

little bit of — not a forbidden romance, but it’s similar to present

day. It’s a little confusing. It’s not a very easy relationship, but yes,

they definitely have feelings for each other,” says Blackburn.

And we have to ask — Raymond Collins came off looking pretty sketchy last episode, so will we be exploring more of what he’s been up to?

“He plays a big part,” Blackburn assures us. “Some things happen and you start to wonder, ‘Is he actuallly a bad guy?’

Some of his actions might be motivated by wanting to do good. It’s a

little unclear, but you definitely understand how he’s connected to the

curse a little bit more.”

“[But] I’m not going to say that he’s only good,” he adds. “He has a very dark side, he has

his own demons. He’s not Mr. Rogers, by any means.”

Either way, “Scared to Death” will definitively mark the moment the Ravenswood kids come together as a unit.

“Next week’s episode, it’s the first time that they are all together, on-board 100 percent believing this,” says Blackburn. “In the past, Luke has struggled with it and even Olivia has, but they are now officially like a Scooby Gang.”

“Scooby Gang.” Love it.

“Ravenswood” airs Tuesday nights at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC Family.

ravenswood scooby gang 'Ravenswood's' Tyler Blackburn on 'Haleb' and Caleb's feelings for Miranda
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