ambyr childers ashley ray donovan season 2 episode 6 viagra 'Ray Donovan' Season 2, episode 6   'Viagra': Ambyr Childers 'Ray and Ashley are magnetic'We are midway through the second season of “Ray Donovan” and it has been nothing less than thrilling so far. In episode 6, Ray seeks help to take Cochran down ,while Mickey tries to find a way to cash in on all the good deeds he has been doing lately. And guess who else needs Ray’s help — his wounded bird/pop princess, Ashley.

Actress Ambyr Childers says don’t be fooled by her character’s damsel in distress act, Ashley knows what she’s doing, “Her moves, especially with Ray, are really calculated. Ray is her kryptonite. He has an extremely special place in her heart. There’s a lot of untold history there. Ray and Ashley are magnetic towards each other,” Childers explains.

It seems “Viagra” is just the beginning for Ashley, who is not only dealing with the return of her stalker, but a new boyfriend, who is a self help guru with a major dark side. Childers’ says Ashley can “never be with the right guy,” but if she could settle down with anyone if would be Ray, due to his “protective” vibe since, “Every woman wants to feel safe in a relationship,” Childers says.

If you want to talk about something not so safe — there’s Ashley’s wardrobe, or lack thereof. However, Childers says she’s “comfortable in lingerie” and and loves that it makes Ashley feel “strong” and “confident” with her role in Ray’s life. After all, she uses sex as power, and that is her way of controlling him to some extent.

Childers admits, Ashley wouldn’t be able to be Ashley without a captivating actor playing opposite her. She reveals one of the days shooting “Viaga” was especially emotional for her, as Schreiber reminded her strongly of one of her departed costars on the film “The Master.” The actress says “Liev is so talented. This episode when we were filming in Long Beach — I don’t know what happened but we were doing a scene and something in him just reminded me so much of Phillip Hoffman and I literally had to take a moment out of the scene. I was like, ‘I just have to go let out this cry, because he just moved me so much. He’s such a beautiful artist.”

How will Ray get his pop princess out of trouble this time? Find out when episode 6 of  “Ray Donovan” Season 2 airs Sunday, Aug. 17 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Showtime.

Posted by:Sarah Huggins