ray donovan liev schrieber jon voight showtime 'Ray Donovan': Jon Voight credits Liev Schreiber with 'all the things a great leading man has'

Zap2it: How are you enjoying working with the new cast members on “Ray Donovan” this season?
Jon Voight: Wendell Pierce is a tremendous actor. I wasn’t really too aware of his work before this, but just working together on the set, it’s a great joy. We have some delicious scenes coming up that I’m excited for audiences to see. There’s one in the last episode that’s really a classic.
Then, Vinessa [Shaw] is a lovely person, and what a lovely quality she has. She has a nice intelligence and a wonderful, easy sense of humor. She’s full of playfulness. It’s been a pleasure to work with these actors.
Zap2it: As for Ray Donovan himself, how do you find your continuing work with title star Liev Schreiber?
Jon Voight: I’ve always thought of Liev as a leading man. As I’ve looked at his work over the last several years — since I worked with him on [the 2004 remake of] “The Manchurian Candidate” — it’s really been extraordinary, but I’d see him play the second character here or the third character there. I wanted to see him as No. 1 on the call sheet. I wanted to see a piece played through his eyes.
Then this came up, and when they said Liev was attached to it, that was a big incentive for me to do it. I just felt this was “it,” what I’d been dreaming about in a sense to put him forward. He’s just amazing in this; he’s got all the ingredients … danger, emotional power, intelligence, sensitivity, romance. They’re all the things a great leading man has.
Posted by:Jay Bobbin