ray donovan liev schreiber season 2 showtime 'Ray Donovan's' Liev Schreiber: 'I was giggling through the first two episodes'
Zap2it: What has the Season 1 success of “Ray Donovan” meant for you in Season 2?
Liev Schreiber: I was giggling through the first two episodes at the riches being afforded me. Because it was successful the first season, I got a chance to work with Hank [Azaria]. I got a chance to work with Wendell [Pierce]. I got a chance to work with Vinessa [Shaw]. And I was really in hog heaven at that point. I am the luckiest guy in TV, in many respects.
Zap2it: Has the show fulfilled what your hopes were for it from your first conversation with creator and executive producer Ann Biderman?
Liev Schreiber: Because I’m a bit of an empty-glass guy, I didn’t anticipate the success, I didn’t anticipate the reception, and I didn’t anticipate all of Ann’s amazing work to make it happen and to write such compelling episodes. There have been amazing rewards for me, and I didn’t anticipate that it would have such an effect on my career and on me as an actor.

Zap2it: One of the pivotal relationships in the series certainly is that of Ray and his estranged father Mickey, played by Jon Voight. What are your thoughts on your work with him?

Liev Schreiber: Jon and I are old friends, and he’s someone I’ve admired for years, ever since I knew what acting was. Jon was there at the very pinnacle for me, so to be this close to him and continue this relationship … let’s face it, if you want to continue a relationship with somebody in this business, work with them.
Posted by:Jay Bobbin