raz b coma life support tmz Raz B comes out of coma and off life support after bottle attack

Former B2K singer Raz-B might end up being okay after all. The R&B singer slipped into a coma after he was hit in the face with a bottle at a concert. He was rushed to the hospital where doctors placed him on life support, but reports now say he’s been taken off of it.

TMZ has learned that Raz-B is out of his coma and is “stable, smiling and responsive.” He still has not been released from the Chinese hospital where he was taken, though.

Raz-B, who has been living in China for the past three years, was performing at a nightclub when he noticed a fistfight in the crowd. When he went to break it up, someone hit him with a bottle. He was taken to the hospital for minor surgery to repair a gash in his lip, but the following day he didn’t wake up. It was then that doctor’s realized how severe the damage from the fight was.

Previously Raz-B told TMZ he plans to move back to the United States before the end of the year for a “big comeback.” Here’s hoping he gets the chance to do that.

Posted by:Terri Schwartz