UPDATE: In one day, the “Reading Rainbow” Kickstarter made its $1 million goal.

“Reading Rainbow” ended on PBS in 2009, but it could be on its way back to your TV. Host LeVar Burton has launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund the show’s return.

The goal is simple, to create a web-enabled version of “Reading Rainbow” for home viewing, as well as one specifically geared towards classrooms. He hopes to subsidize the cost to schools that can’t afford the materials so they can get it for free.
Burton aims to raise $1 million for the show’s return, and there are some very cool rewards for those who want to back the project. Fans can get everything from T-shirts to autographed posters and copies of Burton’s book before it hits stores.
For those with more than enough spare cash to help out, you can appear in an upcoming video field trip segment for the show, attend Burton’s “Reading Rainbow” live show in Toronto and even have dinner with the host and wear his actual “Star Trek: The Next Generation” visor. Dinner with LeVar Burton while dressed like Geordi La Forge? There’s no better prize to be won.

The “Reading Rainbow” Kickstarter campaign ends July 2.
Posted by:Chris E. Hayner

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