real housewives beverly hills bravo camille dancing vegas main 'Real Housewives Beverly Hills': Camille shake, shake, shakes things up in Vegas

In Thursday’s Oct. 28 episode of “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills,” the gals and their significant others got out of 90210 and trekked over to Las Vegas. Adrienne Maloof served up nothing but the best from the rooms to the food at her family’s casino/ hotel, The Palms.
Camille Grammer, without her husband, Kelsey, took the chance to let loose on the dance floor, attracting some leering eyes from the husbands and icy stares from the housewives. 
We’re still unsure what to make of Camille. She just seems to have a lot of insecurity, which translates into showing off. If you pay any attention to the headlines, you would know she’s in the middle of a divorce with Kelsey, which we hear will play out a bit this season. We can’t help but feel like she knows her marriage is in trouble, so she overcompensates for it.
real housewives beverly hills bravo camille grammer husbands vegas main 'Real Housewives Beverly Hills': Camille shake, shake, shakes things up in Vegas
I’m sorry. I don’t drink. A tequila shot? Well, that’s just a tiny drink! Hand it over, handsome!
Then, we hear later that she and Kyle Richards got into a tiff off-camera. Kyle says she asked a few questions of Camille about a trip she’s taking to Hawaii without Kelsey. Then, Kyle says Camille just snapped and said she was feeling interrogated. In turn, Camille says Kyle told her, “Why would anyone care about you without Kelsey?” Kyle denies she said that and, while we have to admit that we don’t know these gals very well yet, we’re inclined to believe her.
Do you think Camille was exposing her insecurities again? Or can you see Kyle delivering the jab? 

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