real housewives beverly hills bunny 'Real Housewives': Bravo, can the franchise de Salahi fy now?

We just finished watching “The Real Housewives of D.C.” reunion, then we went right into “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” and realized why we loved the franchise to begin with.
There was a lot of talk in Part 2 of the D.C. reunion of new words spawned from the Salahi name. So before we continue, we’d like to add another:
de-Salahi-fy: To stop casting for ultimate insanity and return to showing relatable and real stories again. Also known as “de-Staub-ify.”
Let’s face it: D.C. was a bummer. And it could be, as Mary Amons said in Part 2 of the reunion, because the Salahis hijacked the show. But, really, it goes much deeper than that. We think we’re just done with the fame whores, the legal wrangling, the crazy antics – all of which we got back-to-back from New York City to New Jersey and then to D.C. We’re pretty much over it and, as many of Zap2it’s readers have commented, Bravo may have lost its way for a while.

It seemed that the more crazy that appeared on the show, the more press (and we’re as guilty as any other media outlet) began to cover every single thing the housewives did. It became a vicious cycle with Bethenny Frankel’s wedding and baby details leaking months before we saw any of it on her spin-off show, Danielle Staub’s narcissistic mafia-like activities documented ad nauseum, and then it culminated into the Salahis’ mad need to project themselves as something they’re not and ruin others’ lives in the process.
The truth is we started watching “Real Housewives,” because they gave us a window into the lives of women who may have Mc-mansions, the latest handbags and expensive cars, but they also had things we can all relate to. They were trying to keep their marriages alive, going after their personal or professional goals, trying to keep their children out of trouble and having squabbles with each other that can happen in even the closest-knit group of friends or the most affluent of neighborhoods.

Raise your hand if you’re over 911 calls, bringing thugs to charity events, personal grudges that go beyond the small screen, outlandish (sometimes illegal) cries for attention and courtroom drama.
With Beverly Hills, could Bravo be turning a new leaf? Is it possible that they’re returning to their “Real Housewives” roots? Did they do a thorough background check on the Miami cast? We hope so. 
After all, wasn’t it nice to see a housewife wielding a knife, because all she really wanted was a big chunk of chocolate bunny?

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