When Zap2it had the opportunity to meet up with “The Real Housewives of D.C.’s” Lynda Erkiletian after her interview on The KTLA News Morning Show, we knew we’d get a pretty frank version on the events of this season. And Lynda certainly delivered that and then some.
Lynda came in to the season with an opinion on the alleged White House gatecrashers, fellow cast member Michaele Salahi and her husband, Tareq.
“My opposition to them is that I had experienced bad business dealings,” Lynda tells Zap2it. “And as a professional, I have worked very hard to create a business that I didn’t want the association. I didn’t need that.”
Lynda says she understands when life throws challenges one’s way, but she felt the Salahis could have handled their financial difficulties very differently.
“Everybody has had their ups and downs. And believe me, I’ve had my share,” she says. “But, I own it. It’s like I work harder, reinvent myself, whatever you have to do to make it. But I don’t lie, cheat and steal. I don’t try to be Bonnie and Clyde in overdrive. I have no tolerance for that. Get a job.”
Of course, the Salahis weren’t the only ones that made headlines this year. Earlier in the season, Lynda made a statement on the show and Comedy Central and we in the media made light of it, joking that her Talent agency, THE, is a high-class escort service. Lynda, though, took it very seriously as a threat to her business’ livelihood. In the last episode, we saw her produce a fashion show for a designer from Burkina Faso, which helped to clear up her statement.
“[D.C.] is the melting pot of the world,” she explains. “Everyone has representation there and they want to share their culture and traditions. So, they contact our agency for the fashion side of it.”
In Thursday’s (Oct. 7) finale, the show will cover the aftermath of the Salahis attendance at The White House state dinner. Lynda tells us what to expect.
“I think you’re going to see some frustration,” she says. “I think you’re going to see that the goat rodeo has multiplied times 10.” 
And while the Salahis have claimed that the show will vindicate them, Lynda says the finale hasn’t changed her mind.
“I still am not buying the fact that they had a written delivered invitation,” she says. “I mean I’ve had invitations to The White House. It doesn’t arrive by email.”
So, after all that has gone down this season, would Lynda do it again?
“Yes, I would do “Housewives” a second time,” she tells us. “Just with new cast members.”
Bravo, you heard her!
If you missed Lynda on KTLA, watch her interview below:


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Video credit: Jethro Nededog, Zap2it; KTLA

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