real housewives new jersey danielle teresa leaves 'Real Housewives NJ' roll call: Danielle Staub? Absent. Teresa Giudice? Bueller?

While we’ve pretty much known Danielle Staub won’t be returning for a few weeks now, Bravo teased a big reveal in their “Real Housewives of New Jersey” promos leading up to both parts of the reunion special. Yet, the announcement was never broadcast. Now we hear that both Danielle and Teresa Giudice may be exiting.
At around 1:15 a.m. ET and after viewers expressed their confusion that the announcement of who would be leaving the show was never made, the network posted a blog post online officially announcing that Danielle won’t be returning.
“The reunion was Danielle’s last appearance on ‘The Real Housewives of New Jersey,'” says Bravo’s Andy Cohen. “We thought the hugs were a great way to end two seasons of bitterness between the women.”
Well, apparently, the bitterness wasn’t hugged out, but that’s another story.
“I’m way too good for this,” Staub told Us magazine regarding her departure from the show. “They have used me about as much as I can be used.” 
Staub then mentioned she’s definitely setting her sights on her own show as we previously reported.
Then, who knew lightning would strike twice in one night and in Jersey for that matter? As we reported previously, rumors have been spreading that Teresa may be leaving, as well. According to sources, Bravo is shooting at Teresa’s sister-in-law Melissa Gorga’s house for Season 3 and Teresa isn’t happy about it. Apparently, the two don’t get along.
Then, Page Six reported Monday (Sept. 6) night that Teresa is brawling with Bravo over an agreement she made to fork over 10% of her royalties from her cookbook sales in exchange for promotion on the show. According to “Teresa’s friend,” the housewife “filmed several scenes with the book, cooking and testing recipes — but the footage never aired.” The article insinuates that Bravo is using Melissa as a bargaining tool to keep the housewife on the show.
Nevertheless, the source says, “Teresa is done with Bravo, I don’t think any amount of money will make her come back.”
We’ve contacted Bravo for a statement, but they didn’t reply to us by the posting of this article.
[Update: A Bravo spokesperson tells us, “We are not discussing casting for Season 3. We’ve announced that the show is returning and that Danielle is not coming back, but nothing beyond that.”]
What are your thoughts on Danielle’s exit and Teresa’s possible departure?

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