real housewives atlanta cynthia bailey miami 320 'Real Housewives of Atlanta: 5 'dig or ditch' questions all about Cynthia

The biggest challenge of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” in Miami trip on Sunday’s (Jan. 23) episode was remembering what they were all there for. The girls gathered in Kim Zolciak’s strange Viagra-popping friend’s big gaudy house with the frightening taxidermy animals to throw Cynthia Bailey a fun bachelorette party.
Instead the drama revolved around Kim and NeNe Leakes’ big bus blowout which threatened to suck all the fun out of the weekend. So, we decided to dedicate this Z-Cap to Cynthia! She gets all of our attention. What a lucky gal! And all you have to do is tell her whether you dig something or you think she should ditch something. Let’s face it, she needs some counsel. Can we get an amen?
real housewives atlanta cynthia bailey miami 2 'Real Housewives of Atlanta: 5 'dig or ditch' questions all about Cynthia
Okay, so how much again for adding a few wrinkles to the other girls? And you said you’d throw in some varicose veins, too. Right?

1.) Dig the new weave or ditch it?
Cynthia showed up with a new “Naomi Campbell” weave. When it was slicked down, it looked good (notice we didn’t say “great”). Otherwise, it looked a hot mess.
2.) Dig her big dinosaur wedding or ditch it?
Cynthia and Peter’s finances are shaky and it’s clear it’s causing her grief. Should she do as the girls say and postpone or downsize her wedding? Or, is Cynthia right to go through with it, since many of her guests have already spent money on travel and lodging to celebrate her big day?
3.) Dig her friendship with NeNe or ditch it?
There were a lot of moments when NeNe forgot that she was in Miami to celebrate with Cynthia. At times, all she cared about was her own desires and her catfight with Kim. For example, when she preyed on Cynthia’s breakdown for an opportunity to convince her to return to Atlanta early. The other ladies believe that NeNe overpowers Cynthia’s will.
On the other hand, maybe Cynthia likes to let others make decisions for her and NeNe is her best girlfriend in Atlanta. Don’t forget that Cynthia is relatively new to the area. Maybe, this friendship is what Cynthia really needs right now. 
4.) Dig her friendship with the other housewives (other than NeNe) or ditch them?
It was very sweet of the girls to come out to Miami for Cynthia. At times, though, they acted like they didn’t really like her at all. And, they did say some mean things about her during her runway show. Is appearing on a reality show enough reason to hang with people who aren’t really your true friends?
5.) Dig her fianc�, Peter, or ditch him?
Let us not forget that no matter how the other housewives behave, a lot of the blame for Cynthia’s unhappiness stems from her relationship with Peter. Sure, he can’t save a business that is losing them money, but did he have to treat Cynthia as if she didn’t need to know what was going on? After all, it sounds like she invested a lot of her own funds in that nightclub. Are those red flags for problems that could come up in their marriage?
Go ahead and pick the people and things you think Cynthia should ditch below and don’t forget to tell us why in the comments section!

Posted by:Jethro Nededog