real housewives atlanta phaedra side ponytail 'Real Housewives of Atlanta': Phaedra's 80s side ponytail and 50s drama

Sometimes we feel Phaedra Parks’ style is questionable. We know so much more happened in Sunday’s (Dec. 19) episode of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta,” but we just wanted to bring attention to Phaedra’s gesture to the 1980s. It wasn’t just the side ponytail, but the whole outfit was very much like the outfits worn in an eighties workout video. So, kudos to the housewife for being consistent.
Back to what we have been looking forward to all week: The spa showdown. The women got a few things off their chests. First, Kim Zolciak lets Cynthia Bailey know that she thought her friend contract was crazy. Of course, everyone outside of the cast seemed to have understood that it was a joke. Thankfully, Cynthia had some fight in her. We actually thought it was a good way to get over the feelings of awkwardness between Cynthia and NeNe Leakes. This crew is being a bit too literal about it, right?
Then, Phaedra felt it was the right time to confront Kim about some of the things she was saying about her pregnancy. Sure, Kim (and the other gals for that matter) made fun of Phaedra’s inability to admit she got pregnant before she was married. And at times their chatter bordered on offensive, but it all could have been avoided if Phaedra just came clean about getting pregnant out of wedlock. After all, the funny part wasn’t exactly the scandal of having a child out of wedlock, but Phaedra’s constant need to cover it up.
real housewives atlanta spa showdown 500 'Real Housewives of Atlanta': Phaedra's 80s side ponytail and 50s drama
I’m educated. I’m a registered nurse. He can do what with his wee wee?!
Even later on “Watch What Happens Live,” Phaedra talked a lot about the complications surrounding her pregnancy, but never really addressed the fact that her doctor contradicted her on-camera when he said her pregnancy had gone to full term. And, Andy Cohen, you were soft on her!
We agree with Kim. It’s 2010, not 1952. Do people really care anymore if a baby is conceived before marriage? 
Phaedra, you need to come clean already or accept that people will continue to find your coverup something to talk about.
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