real housewives of atlanta season 5 finale costume party bravo 'Real Housewives of Atlanta' Season 5 finale recap and poll: Vote for best and worst housewivesAnother dynamic season of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” has come to an end in suitably eventful fashion.

Newcomer Kenya Moore has been shaking things up all season long, so it figures that tensions came to a head at her Hollywood costume party intended to “honor black iconic women in film.” Kenya assigned each of the Housewives a costume personally selected to suit their personality: Kandi was Angela Bassett as Tina Turner from “What’s Love Got To Do With It,’ Cynthia was Diana Ross from “Mahogany,” NeNe was Grace Jones from “Boomerang” and Phaedra was Eartha Kitt’s Catwoman from the “Batman” TV series. Kenya kept her own costume a secret but ultimately revealed her choice: Pam Grier from “Foxy Brown”

But the season’s other newbie, Porsha Stewart, was so offended by Kenya’s choice for her — Halle Berry from “B*A*P*S” — that she decided to defy Kenya’s demands and attend as Halle Berry as Dorothy Dandridge from “Introducing Dorothy Dandridge” instead. Kenya predictably flipped out, going as far as to have security guards escort Porsha, and soon to be ex-husband Kordell Stewart, out of the party for not playing by the rules.

As NeNe said later: “There’s a difference between keepin’ it real and keepin’ it real f***in’ crazy.” It was pretty obvious which side of that Kenya landed on this week.

All the drama proved short-lived once NeNe had a talk with Kenya and advised her to chill out. And the season ended on a relatively cordial note, with the ladies showing off their costumes on stage one by one, as on screen text informed us of the recent happenings in their lives: Kordell filed for divorce from Porsha; Phaedra is pregnant again; Kandi is engaged to Todd; Cynthia is helping to plan NeNe’s wedding; and Kenya is dating an “African oil tycoon.” That should be enough to keep the drama going next season and beyond…

Next week’s reunion is sure to bring more juicy developments, but until then tell us who your favorite — and least favorite — Real Housewife of Atlanta was this season. (Sorry Kim, but you need to finish out the season to count.)

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