real housewives of atlanta season 5 reunion kandi kenya fan bravo 'Real Housewives of Atlanta' Season 5 reunion, part 1: 12 top momentsRound one of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” reunion was heavily focused on Kenya Moore and Phaedra Parks and their battle of the booty workout videos.

Kenya stirred up all sorts of trouble, snapping her fan and acting every inch the diva. But Phaedra was in fine form, letting loose with snarky put-downs and sassy comebacks.

Porsha surprisingly got in a few solid jabs at Kenya’s expense (she’s usually sort of a lightweight) while NeNe, Kandi and Cynthia mostly sat back, watched the show and laughed. Host Andy Cohen did attempt to dig a bit into the occasionally testy relationship between Kandi and NeNe, and gave Cynthia a few moments in the spotlight (he read a viewer compliment correctly noting that Cynthia started to come into her own this season), but the main attraction always came back to Kenya vs. Phaedra.

The following are 12 of our favorite moments.

Kandi explains why she’s taking Kim to court: “I don’t want to keep letting someone benefit off of something that I’ve done,” she said about why she’s suing to have “Tardy for the Party” taken off the Internet for sale. Kandi claims Kim has no legal right to sell the song online, and Kim is the one who forced Kandi to take legal action — “If you want to go that route then I’m gonna have to go crazy with you.”

Kenya’s cancer scare: Kenya didn’t share the details of her cancer scare with her castmates during filming, so none of them knew about it until the episodes aired. Then she complained no one reached out to see how she was doing (except for NeNe and Cynthia, so … half the cast). “She’s being one-sided and she’s playing the victim and I think she’s playing it up too much,” was Porsha’s response to that.

Porsha explains the difference between Miss USA and Miss America: “Miss USA is just wearing a bathing suit.” Porsha obviously did her research. She also wondered why Kenya never mentioned Carole Gist — the first black woman to win Miss USA — on the show to “give her that credit for making history.” Kenya was speechless. When Andy asked Kenya if she wanted to respond, she answered with a curt “no.”

Throwing shade at Sheree: Andy read a viewer question from someone telling Porsha to be careful about bashing older woman and saying she better hope Kordell didn’t marry her as a trophy wife or “she’ll be dumped at 40 like Sheree was.” Ouch, people, Sheree isn’t even around to defend herself any more!

Gratuitous Brad Pitt movie reference: Kenya’s advice to Porsha about calling people old: “She’s not Benjamin Button who is aging backwards.”

Kenya makes everyone else more important: Kenya on Porsha: “I feel like her whole existence on this show has been about me.” Kenya on Phaedra: “The most interesting thing about her is me … Phaedra wasn’t relevant the way I am on the show now.”

Who sold more? Kenya claims her workout video has outsold Phaedra’s and that (unverified) “fact” has “been all over the Internet.” Phaedra’s answer: “Let’s get it from a credible website, not some urban blogger.”

Kenya’s multimillion dollar career: “Why would I be out here doing a workout video when I do multimillion dollar films?” Kenya asked rhetorically. “Can you tell us one of these multimillion dollar films?” Phaedra shot back. “Look me up on IMDb,” Kenya said. “I did!” Phaedra answered. “All I saw was straight to DVD movies. Your next big acting role is this show.”

This isn’t “The Biggest Loser”: Kenya called Phaedra “obviously overweight to be doing a fitness video,” claiming Phaedra is 5’2 and weighs 150 pounds, while Kenya is 5’10 and weigh 145 pounds. Are they going to have to do a weigh-in at some point?

Please, drink responsibly: Kenya claimed Phaedra started slandering her as a bipolar alcoholic after the workout video feud began. “I told you you had a drinking problem when we were in Anguilla,” Phaedra countered. “I always said you were a drunk.” When Kenya claimed she’d “never been drunk a day in her life,” Phaedra shot back: “If you act like that sober, bless your heart.”

Don’t mess with Kenya Moore: “People need to know on this stage don’t come for me unless I send for you … You will be picking up your teeth off the floor, pregnant and all.”

Whitney actually said “I wanna see the receipts” but… : Phaedra’s misquote was pretty funny anyway. “In the words of Whitney Houston, ‘Show me the receipts!’ Twirl on that.”

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