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In a very educational episode of “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills,” we got to know Camille Grammer a bit more and we’re scared.
In this episode, she flexed her financial muscle by flying her family, close friends (AKA her staff) and the other real housewives to New York City to see her husband Kelsey Grammer’s stage show. Along the way, we saw Camille’s sensitive side and, sadly, her overly sensitive side. And, quite frankly, we couldn’t take it anymore.
Yes, Zappers, it’s that bad. Time to make a list.
Here are 5 creepy things Camille does:
1.) She flirts with married men: It started innocently. It was a little game of tennis a couple episodes ago with a good-looking guy. Then, they started talking about getting naked. Huh? The handsome man then suddenly appeared in Las Vegas on the housewives’ couple trip and Camille proceeded to touch him in ways only a wife should. In fact, only his wife should. The hot tennis partner is married! Not to mention, Camille shamelessly flirted with the other housewives’ husbands. Are there no boundaries?
2.) She keeps saying obnoxious things, then apologizes: What is with her need to talk about her wealth and the things it affords her and then excuse herself for doing so. That would tell us that she knows she’s sounding obnoxious, right? It’s either/or Camille – make a decision. Are you sorry for saying obnoxious things or not? Here’s the deal: We’re okay with obnoxious if it’s just who you are. So, if you want to point out your staff, your many houses, or your desire to fly commercial, because you and Kelsey have “gone green,” then you should just do so unapologetically. Otherwise, just stop doing it.
3.) Everything is about her: Conversation for Camille is really all about figuring out how to bring it back to herself. In this episode, it was maddening that she asked her mother (who is undergoing chemo treatment for her cancer) how she’s doing, then barely listened to the answer before launching into her own tests for the cancer gene. Sentences later, she landed back at how extraordinarily busy she is. All the while, her poor mother just nodded. Poor thing.
real housewives beverly hills camille 500 'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills': 5 creepy things Camille does
My assistant puts my pants on one leg at a time just like anyone else. That sounds bad, doesn’t it?

4.) She slips into that little girl voice: Kyle Richards pointed it out and we couldn’t agree more. What is up with Camille’s little girl voice that she slips into when she thinks she’s being cute or wants something? It’s aggravating.
5.) She hears what she wants to hear: When Kyle and Camille got into the initial “misunderstanding” a couple episodes back, it was hard to really know what went down. We had a feeling that Kyle was on the up and up, but how could we really know with the tiff happening off-camera. In this episode, we got to witness what Camille does. She hears things in a skewed way and yes, it does reek of insecurity. But, that’s not the worst of it. She not only hears it in a skewed way, but then she walks away and mulls it over and over in her mind until it has become a different monster altogether. Then, she strikes and there’s no telling what she has come up up with.
To sum all this up: It’s clear Camille is going through some issues and she’s trying to cover them up. Now that we know that not only her marriage was falling apart, but that her mother was struggling with cancer, then we can understand why she’s acting the way she is. That doesn’t excuse her for doing creepy things, but that may mean she’s not a creepy person. 
Maybe, she’s just a troubled one?

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