real housewives beverly hills finale kim kyle fight 'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' finale: Taylor's birth cray party

After watching Thursday’s (Jan. 20) finale episode of “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills,” Camille Grammer may not have enjoyed how she looked, but she was probably thankful she didn’t go to cast mate Taylor Armstrong’s birth-cray party.
With Camille out of the picture (her attention on her husband, Kelsey Grammer, leaving her), the women turned on each other. It really was an entanglement of great proportions and we believe every woman had something to do with what went down.
Camille: As we’ve already stated above, Camille made all this possible by not showing up to the party. We’re not blaming her for the fight. We’re just saying things would have been different. Let’s face it, if she would have gone, then either everyone would had been on their best behavior, walking on eggshells all night. Or, all of Kyle Richards’ aggression would have been pointed at her instead of Kim Richards. And Camille, in her state of mind, would have lashed back.
real housewives beverly hills finale fight 2 'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' finale: Taylor's birth cray party
Adrienne: I hope the driver is keeping the engine running.

Lisa: Lisa Vanderpump is our favorite housewife, but we can’t let her off the hook. She’s clearly jealous of Taylor’s growing friendship with Kyle. In her jealousy, she had to make Taylor pay, so she manipulated her into confronting Kim at the party “to make things right.” It was certainly not the time and place for such a conversation, but Lisa wanted Taylor to admit her role in all the drama. Clearly, Lisa’s plan to expose Taylor worked… too well.
Kim: She ended the night quite emotionally bruised and battered. Though, she started the night totally trashed already! We’re sure that contributed to how she reacted to Taylor and then her sister. On the flip side, none of us expected Kyle to out her as an alcoholic on-camera and then lunge toward her in the limo to do God knows what.
Taylor: She obviously has self-esteem and image problems. That probably stems from her violent childhood. At some point, though, we have to take responsibility for our actions as adults – whether that’s marrying for money or lying about her involvement in creating the Vegas incident. The woman can’t even say she gave away her daughter’s dog. Is it summering in The Hamptons, Taylor? 
Kyle: There are so many ways in which Kyle could have avoided this situation. She could have left Kim and Taylor to battle it out and not had gotten involved. She could have given her sister more credit than she gives her friends. After all, when all this is over, Kim will still be there for her. We believe that. And then later in the car, Kyle could have abstained from fighting with her obviously drunk and already emotional sister. And maybe, she could stop throwing her mother’s dying request that she take care of Kim in her sister’s face. After all, it’s not Kim’s fault that their mother laid that on Kyle.
Adrienne: Well, we’re just glad Adrienne Maloof was there to stop Kyle from whatever she was going to do to Kim when she lunged at her in the limo. As usual, the Bravo cameraman was more interested in getting his shot than stopping any possible violence. New Jersey flashbacks, anyone? And later, Adrienne was instrumental in diffusing the situation and calming Kyle down.
In the end, the 90210 housewives lived up to Bravo’s franchise and leaves us wanting more! Thank Gucci for the two-part reunion specials!
That’s our take on how everyone contributed to the Beverly thrills finale. What’s yours?
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