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It’s clear in Thursday’s (Jan. 20) “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” finale that everyone had a role to play in the heart-wrenching fight between sisters, Kyle and Kim Richards, which led to them not speaking for several weeks and to Kim spending a week in rehab after the finale taping.
But, if we were ever in a brawl, we know which housewife we want backing us up: Adrienne Maloof. That’s not only because she’s a martial arts expert, but she also had no qualms about stepping in between the two women when things looked like they were going to lead to blows.
“Automatically, I stepped in,” Maloof says on “Watch What Happens: Live.” “Because it seemed natural to me. And at that time, I wasn’t sure what Kyle’s intentions were. She seemed to go after her and I felt I had to protect Kim at that time.”
For doing the right thing and risking her sparkly weave pieces, we give her our “Mazel of the Week.”
Our “Jackhole of the Week” goes to Adrienne’s cast mate, Taylor Armstrong, for not fully admitting that not only was her birthday party not the time and place to confront an obviously drunk Kim, but for still not being able to recognize that the manner in which she approached Kim was not exactly in the spirit of peacemaking.
“I can see how it probably looks like,” she says. “If I wouldn’t have said anything to her, then no one would have been angry. I think the tension of Kyle and Camille, excuse me Kyle and Kim, was coming and it was only a matter of time.”
Watch the clip below:

As long as Taylor is pointing fingers, whom do you blame in the finale brawl?
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