faye resnick brandi glanville rhobh 'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' recap: Desperately seeking attention! Faye Resnick attacks Brandi GlanvilleMonday’s (Dec. 17) episode of “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” resumed moments after last week’s explosive ending, with Adrienne and Paul walking out of Kyle and Maurcio‘s party.

Alliances shifted as a result of Brandi‘s revelation of Adrienne’s shocking secret. Kyle attacks Kim for telling Adrienne at the soiree, but Camille sides with Kim. Mauricio is furious with Brandi, defending his men-in-heels buddy, while Taylor, while not actually supporting Brandi, tries to steal the spotlight and paint herself as a terrified victim of Paul’s aggression.

Ironically, Taylor also resurrects Camille’s tea-party revelation about her abusive husband, the late Russell Armstrong — not really comparable, considering that Taylor made no secret of her domestic violence, before Camille voiced it while the Bravo cameras were rolling.

Another mystery: Who is Brandi’s escort to this party? He’s kind of creepy.

Lisa, spared the fracas by her husband Ken‘s hip-replacement surgery, is exasperated by her demanding patient. Even though he’s just “winding her up,” it’s fun to see Mrs. Vanderpump being bossed around for a change, no?

Kim and her daughters meet up for a free advertisement for a Pilates studio, revealing that she is taking her son Chad to Vegas for his 21st birthday — so appropriate for someone struggling with her sobriety. At least she has a good excuse to skip Kyle’s dinner party.

Yes, she’s invited both Adrienne and Brandi to the affair, and although Mauricio doesn’t want Brandi in his home, they are much too “polite” to uninvite her. Snort. It’s interesting that Kyle is using a fancy meal to stir the pot once again.

If only she’d invited electronic-cigarette aficionado Allison Dubois! But Kyle’s abrasive BFF Faye Resnick is perfectly willing to fan the flames and take down Brandi. After all, she’s known Adrienne for years and knows she’s never lied to her. Ahem.

Meanwhile, another Brandi antagonist, Scheana, a server at Lisa’s restaurant Villa Blanca and former Eddie Cibrian mistress, drops by the mansion. Why are the cameras rolling? Because Scheana is a cast member of the upcoming spinoff “Vanderpump Rules” and they need to establish her character and storyline (homewrecker ), of course! At least Lisa has the good sense to shoo her out, much to Scheana’s disappointment, before Brandi arrives.

The next segment features Yolanda working at home with her personal trainer — to remind us she’s part of the cast? If she doesn’t step it up we won’t be seeing her (or missing her ) next season.

Brandi visits Lisa, her only ally, to talk about her anxiety, which is driving her to pick at her face. And she called Kim a meth addict! Lisa is especially supportive when Brandi reveals her suspicion that Adrienne (who accused Lisa of selling stories to the tabloids) fed a story to Radar, the day after their confrontation, about Brandi’s “hard partying.”

“Friend” of the Housewives Marisa Zanuck is introduced at Kyle’s party, which also serves to showcase her newly decorated dining room, courtesy of Faye. (Yay, more free advertising! At least she’s not pimping out another sordid book about the O.J. Simpson murders?)

Faye wastes no time confronting Brandi, who does herself no favors by harping on Adrienne’s “book deal” — her motivation for disclosing Adrienne’s alleged secret seems prompted more by spiteful jealousy than defending herself against a Maloof attack.

Faye ascribes her own browbeating of Brandi as her loyalty to Adrienne, whom she claims to have known for 25 years. She is relentless in her campaign for camera time, insisting that Brandi should not only apologize to Adrienne but send her flowers. When Brandi resists, flora-ignorant Faye changes tactics, “Forget the flowers, send her an orchid!”

She doesn’t back down even after her fellow outsider Marisa vocalizes her support of Brandi, who finally walks out, wine glass in hand.

Kyle — who instigated the confrontation, whether she’s willing to own it or not — has the last word:


“The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” airs Mondays at 9 p.m. on Bravo.

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