real housewives dc cat 'Real Housewives of D.C.': Sarah Palin, an ambulance, bad fashion. Partay!

Every week it gets clearer that “The Real Housewives of D.C.” are over the top but not in a good way. Could it be that they’ve watched too much of the other shows and know that boring doesn’t cut it? The problem is forced theatrics doesn’t either.
Facebook gotcha gotcha: In Thursday’s episode, we finally found out what Tareq and Michaele Salahi had against Mary Amons’ daughter. He says that a car and all his team’s polo gear were stolen and that Mary’s daughter posted on Facebook that she was part of it with a picture of the culprits wearing the gear.
We guess we can understand the shock Stacie Turner and her husband felt when the Salahis accused Mary’s daughter of such a bold crime, especially when she was their guest and was totally alone. One would feel the need to defend someone in that position. It was just a little much. Though, the Amons’ defense after that couldn’t have felt more staged (or worse, 

real housewives dc mary 'Real Housewives of D.C.': Sarah Palin, an ambulance, bad fashion. Partay!

boring). Fine, your daughter didn’t do it and the Salahis may have been creating huge tales about the F.B.I. being involved, but could you have discussed it anywhere but your tan living room holding red wine. Snore, Bravo. 10 minutes of our lives we can’t get back.
Catty: And is it just us or does Cat Ommanney just like to be contrary? You know the type. They’re always on the other side just to stir the stew. It may be a minor personality disorder known as a sick need for attention. Just a few weeks ago, she was praising George Bush. And in this episode she had nothing good to say about the republicans and even dressed as Sarah Palin to a party. Here’s what we know for sure: An extreme left democrat has nothing good to say about Bush. Did it just tickle her to trash President Obama in a room full of African-Americans? Stir the stew, Cat, but be careful your credibility doesn’t fall into the pot, too.

Edwina, housewife down: Speaking about credibility, who is this Edwina woman and why is she being forced upon us? She’s wearing horrible eyeliner, big red lips and she comes off as authentic as a blue fur coat. When Bravo avoided the question of whether the Salahis would be part of the cast, it said that it shoots with several women and not all of them become real housewives. We think Edwina was one of those that were dumped. Thank you, Bravo.

real housewives dc lynda 'Real Housewives of D.C.': Sarah Palin, an ambulance, bad fashion. Partay!

F for fashion: And finally, the worst part of it all: These gals have truly bad fashion taste. Let’s face it, the show would be easier to watch if the women worked the fashion tip. But they don’t. Can we please get Rachel Zoe on this job stat? We saw Lynda Erkiletian wearing a scrunchee with a fur pom pom on it, Michaele wearing a hot pink Barbie dress that didn’t quite fit and Stacie decided to don a jacket made out of the drapes to the Republican healthcare party.

Is this one party you wished you hadn’t crashed?

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