real housewives new jersey bravo danielle main 'Real Housewives of NJ': Danielle is no one's honeyIn this episode of “The Real Housewives of New Jersey,” Caroline is feeling the early onset of empty nest syndrome, Teresa and Jacqueline tempt the beast and Danielle’s paranoia runs amuck.

Caroline’s pre-empty nest syndrome
Caroline is having dinner with her two sisters, Fannie and Cookie. Yes, I know. When I saw Dina tweeting about it earlier, I thought she was talking about pets. What was nice was that they were there to support Caroline as Albie’s future in law school isn’t looking too good. It was pretty sad, especially knowing Caroline’s mothering instinct, to see her feel so powerless to help him. On the other hand, I respect that she’s letting him fight it out on his own.

real housewives new jersey bravo caroline manzo sisters 'Real Housewives of NJ': Danielle is no one's honeyThe next morning, Caroline is feeling especially insecure it seems. She’s watching her kids grow up and they don’t really need her anymore. So, she’s feeling some pre-empty nest syndrome. I just made that up, but it’s when your kids are still around, but you fear them leaving. She still has all three children living at home! But, still, she breaches the subject of retiring with her husband, Albert, and he tells her that he’s going to work forever. She wants his company at home, though. It’s an argument that it seems they’ve had before. And I venture to assume that they’ve never really been able to come to agreement on it.

On their date night, Albert tells Caroline that their daughter, Lauren, approached him saying that Caroline was feeling depressed. It doesn’t seem as if he understands what Caroline is feeling, but he knows she needs some kind of concession from him. So, he tells her he’ll try to do shorter days and take some weekends off with her.

Fashion road kill
Teresa and Jacqueline go out for lunch with Kim D. and right away she starts talking Danielle. She says that she’s cooling on Danielle and wanted advice on how to deal with her mood swings. Teresa confronts her on being Danielle’s friend while at the same time talking behind her back. A valid question, because how can Teresa trust that Kim D. isn’t talking about her with Danielle? Kim D. basically tells her she’s silly for thinking that then changes the subject to her upcoming fashion show. She wants the gals to go, but she warns Danielle may be there. Surprisingly, Teresa is game, because she doesn’t want to “hurt Kim D.’s feelings,” while Jacqueline feels like she shouldn’t go. I think Teresa may be wanting to do a drop in on Danielle for old time’s sake.

When Danielle finds out that Kim D. has invited “enemies” to the show, she hightails it over to her clothing boutique, Posche, to speak with her. When she gets there, the front desk person is on the phone and Danielle doesn’t like her instantly. Why? Because she has never seen her in her life. Like it’s this conspiracy against Danielle and that woman was a plant. Anyway, Danielle barks at the lady to tell Kim D. to call her (yet doesn’t leave her name) and leaves in a huff.

When Kim D. gets back, the employee explains what happened and Kim D. calls Danielle. On the phone, Danielle goes bat crazy accusing Kim D. of having her employee be rude to her on purpose. As Kim D. is trying to convince Danielle that isn’t true, she hangs up. Of course, minutes later Danielle is at the store and she’s tells Kim D. that she doesn’t appreciate her employee’s rudeness and that to preserve their friendship she’ll no longer come into the store. I’m not sure how that makes any sense, but then I consider the source. Gotta love when Kim D. kicked Danielle out. In Danielle’s interview, she said that Kim D. will miss her money. From what I remember Kim D. saying at Caroline’s sheriff benefit, Danielle shops on a tab. So, I’m thinking Danielle gets the better side of that deal. She’s crazy, but apparently not stupid.

Later Kim D. calls Ashley, Jacqueline’s daughter, into the store and asks her if she’ll model at the show. She accepts, but she wonders why Danielle’s daughter isn’t in the show. Hmmmm.

Countdown to crazy
Jacqueline and Teresa ask Caroline to come over for advice. They all know there’s great possibility for drama at the fashion show. By the way, any fan of the series knows by now that drama goes down at fashion shows no matter what city you’re in. Caroline surprises me here. Usually she tells the girls to steer clear of Danielle, but she’s actually telling them to go to the show!

Kim G. comes over to Danielle’s before the event and Danielle is preparing herself for a showdown. Kim G. tells her not to focus on that and maybe her fears won’t be realized.

real housewives new jersey bravo danielle kim g 'Real Housewives of NJ': Danielle is no one's honeyAt the fashion show, Ashley arrives for her hair and makeup and the girls wonder if she’s scared of Danielle. She seems in good spirits, but she honestly says there’s no telling how Danielle will behave. Ain’t that the truth?

When Danielle arrives, she brings along a new bodyguard, shifty Dennis. His eyes just keep bouncing from side to side as if he’s really taking this gig seriously or he’s hopped up on drugs. Being on her home turf is comforting for Danielle until she realizes that Teresa and Jacqueline and sitting at Kim D.’s table and they’re directly in her eye line. Of course, she takes that very personally. In fact, Danielle continues to show her lunacy by pretending to be on the phone during the show while Kim G. begs her to act like a lady. Then when she sees Ashley take the runway, it’s over. Danielle has reached overload!

After the show, cross-table staring commences between Danielle and Ashley. The more Ashley teases Danielle, the more frazzled she gets. At one point, Danielle has all the gals get up from the table with her. When Jacqueline looks around, she realizes that both Ashley and Teresa are gone. When she goes to look, she finds Teresa in the lobby and with a mission to say hello to Danielle. That’s the beginning of the end.

I have to say that Danielle was right in this case. There was no way that Teresa was planning on keeping the conversation nice. And we wouldn’t really have it any other way, right?

After Kim G. convinced Danielle to give Teresa a chance, that’s when things went awry. Danielle told Teresa she wasn’t being genuine and reminded her of the things she has said about her. Teresa shot back saying Danielle brought her to those heights and then here comes the worst/best part. Teresa called Danielle “honey.” How could she? When Danielle didn’t take kindly to that, Teresa gave her b**** as an alternative. Hm, Danielle you should have stopped when you were ahead!

Next episode looks nuts with police and housewives running around everywhere! It’s going to be lunacy.

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