Sometimes, there’s way too much news to follow about someone or something. And when it comes to “The Real Housewives of New Jersey,” that’s especially true.  

After her official dismissal from the show, Danielle Staub has hit the media trail talking to anyone who’ll listen about how she has been wronged. Yet, we can’t help but wonder if the whole “Real Housewives” news cycle has made us forget that it’s all about people who appear on a reality TV show.
So, that got us wondering. As far as the show is concerned, will we miss Danielle? There are very few things we agree with Danielle on, but in the days since Bravo officially announced that she’s off the show she has started to make some sense.
“I definitely caused an element of shock for people and controversy,” Danielle tells Access Hollywood. “Sometimes not always to my liking, but as editing would have it, that’s the way it would show. Love me or hate me, you’re paying attention.”
She adds, “So, I think I brought a lot to the housewives and I think that I wouldn’t be argued on that.”
We definitely wouldn’t argue with that. A majority of the show has been about Danielle, reacting to Danielle and avoiding Danielle. Does she bring in the ratings? Are viewers (and apparently her former cast members) both repulsed and attracted to “Danielle Drama”?
On the flip side, TV shows lose big stars all the time and continue to be hits. And there are rumors that Teresa Giudice’s sister-in-law, who she can’t stand, is currently shooting for the show. That can bring some drama (if Teresa sticks around for it). We’ve also already seen that new people like Kim G. can stir things up very easily on the show.
So, Zappers, will you miss Danielle Staub? Or, as Hollywood loves to point out, can’t anyone be replaced? Sound off below!

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Photo Credit: Access Hollywood

Posted by:Jethro Nededog