real world special 'Real World: Ex Plosion': Craziest moments from 'S#!t They Should Have Shown' special “The Real World: Ex-Plosion” came to an end on Wednesday (April 2) with an explosive finale. All the roommates got messy drunk and Brian just lost it, getting violent with his roommates and the producers and security and furniture. But once the finale ended, “The S#!t They Should Have Shown” special began, and things got even crazier.

Here are the top most bizarre, funniest and most random moments from the special:

– The roommates attended a burlesque show, and Arielle and Jay competed in an air hump contest. It got intense, and she grabbed a belt and put it around his neck at one point. They won first place but Jay lost his manhood on the stage. On the plus side, Arielle won an expensive vibrator.

– Everyone thought the house was haunted, and Jenny communicated with the spirit in the house. Both Jenny and the producers named the ghost Fred … separately.

– The house got so bad and messy and gross that the producers had to call and tell the roommates to clean the house. Jenny even left Mexican food in the front for days and it grew some extremely gross mold.

– Arielle is a sloppy drunk, and all the roommates call her “Bambi legs.” Her legs literally give out on her when she’s drunk like Bambi trying to walk. It’s as hilarious as it sounds.

– While Tom is very flatulent, Arielle was the one who “blew up the bathroom everyday.”

– Arielle liked to play pranks on the roommates, and got her good friend Kyle to come and act like he was the new roommate. He acted extra gross and freaked everyone out to the point where Cory wanted to beat him up, but Arielle revealed it was all a joke before he came to blows.

– Apparently Cory screams like a girl.

– Tom got the biggest atomic wedgie from Jamie and her friend from home, but he was so drunk that he didn’t remember it. The next morning he was confused as to why his butt hurt.

– Jay is very particular about his socks and has an entire sock drawer for different kinds of socks. Jenna liked to torment him by messing up the drawer.

– Jenna only likes to eat chicken nuggets.

Posted by:Sydney Bucksbaum